What Color is Your Sexual Aura? Find out, and Have the Best Sex of Your Life.

What Color is Your Sexual Aura? Find out, and Have the Best Sex of Your Life.

You know how you’re drawn to certain colors? Maybe your favorites change depending on your mood. Maybe they’re connected to certain chakras or your sun sign or rising sign. Maybe they’re connected to an element. You also project certain colors, depending on your state of mind. These colors are called your auras, and while they do fluctuate, you probably have one aura color that dominates all the others, no matter what.
An aura is defined as “a supposed emanation surrounding the body of a living creature, viewed by mystics, spiritualists, and some practitioners of complementary medicine as the essence of the individual, and allegedly discernible by people with special sensibilities.” So, your aura is like the vibe you emit to others. A vibrant aura attracts people to you. A murky one might send them away.
Each of us has a sexual aura as well. And the great thing is that it can shift over time—even daily! You know how sometimes you meet someone, and you can immediately imagine how they would have sex?! Well, you’re probably subconsciously reading their sexual aura. Now, imagine how much fun sex could be if you could tune into these mystical colors at will? You can. Becoming familiar with yours can be key to getting exactly what you want in bed—not to mention becoming an amazing lover.
How do you tune into your sexual aura? First, you’ve gotta get in tune with your mood. Start by summing it up in a few words. Are you feeling kinky? Insightful? Lovey-dovey? Now, pick a theme song for this mood. Is it raucous? Sensual? Now, let these senses guide you to your look as you get dressed. Are you reaching for a pantsuit? A T-shirt? A bodycon dress? Let all these tiny details be the first clues to your sexual aura this evening.
Now, close your eyes and let a color come to mind. Chances are, that’s the color you’re emanating—which dictates the kind of sex you need tonight. Read on to find out just what that is. And if you want to get a sense of the aura of the person in front of you? Take a deep breath and tune into the vibe he or she is projecting. It’s not looking, more like sensing: Maybe you’re at a busy wine bar that’s all crimson and red, but you’re getting a blue sensation. Or, maybe you’re hiking on a trail in the blazing sun, but you keep thinking, Green. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is, with a little practice, to tune in—and turn on.

When your sexual aura is red:
Seeing red around yourself or your lover? The sexual vibe here is earthy—no princesses allowed. A red aura means it’s time for some sweat and tears. Think: rolling naked in the mud or in the back of a truck. Armpit licking. Hair pulling. This is primal territory. Play some music with a strong beat, like Fetty Wap. Then throw a Grade A organic steak on the grill and share it—naked, of course. 

When your sexual aura is orange:
Feeling a little emotional? Orange is the color of your second chakra.  Your pelvic bowl. Sensuality. Think slowly moving hips. Seduction. Some FKA Twigs on Spotify. A bold red wine. A sensual bubble bath to get the party started. Take your time with this vibe and don’t be afraid to go deep. The orgasms here can be earth shaking. Crying. Moaning. Letting go. Full on release. Ahhh. 

When your sexual aura is yellow:  
Are you feeling like a badass tonight? Do you wanna grab the reigns and hold tight? Take control? You’re in the mood to be in your full power. Be on top, metaphorically and physically. This is the aura where you ask for what you want in bed and you get it. You feel like a rock star when it comes to sex. Soft and gentle is not your style.

When your sexual aura is green:
Are you feeling soft cuddly? Like enmeshing with your boo? When your aura is this color you like to make sure your partner is happy. Rub their feet. Hold their head. You would rather be in the giving position than receiving. You may chill with a rom com, or listen to music from your college days. Your focus is on love and affection, not sex. You love love. PDA for days.

When your sexual aura is blue:
Blue is for all my fast talkers! Maybe you’ve had a few espressos and are in a chatty zone. You’ll go the distance with sex, but not unless it’s well crafted. You get turned on by hearing the things your lover is going to do to you. You like being read to, told how hot you are. That’s your foreplay tonight.

When your sexual aura is indigo:
This is the realm of the higher eye. You get turned on by fantasies. You feel aligned with your dream life. Role play sounds enticing. It’s all about the mind. You can literally think yourself into a state of arousal, and your mind can be very busy during sex. Let yourself dream outside the box. You aren’t in the mood for vanilla. You wanna plot all kinds of goodies. Think trippy tunes or tunes from a time period that turns you on.

When your sexual aura is violet:
In the mood for ecstasy? Divinity? Sex for you is like prayer when you’re in the violet zone. You don’t take it lightly. You tap into something above and beyond. You see shooting stars. You create earthquakes. You don’t do casual. You don’t do messy. It’s all about the soul connection for you. The depth. You aren’t a down and dirty type. You make love. And it always has intention—like a ceremony or ritual.
One more thing: Sometimes, your aura is a combination of a few colors—totally cool! And don’t be afraid to experiment and find the right combo and colors that work for you. Wear clothes or a key accessory to match the color you want to channel. Explore, play, and have fun—always!

 Art by Azurine.

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