Why Your ”Type” Is So Desirable

By Horoscope.com

On October 17, 2014

In Love, Mars, Saturn

Why Your ”Type” Is So Desirable

Why do you get so hot for some guys, and run so cold for others? Is it his smell? His looks? His money or his manners? Maybe, but it may also come down to how Mars and Saturn fit into his natal chart.

Mars in Aries: He is spontaneous, raw, impulsive – a bit like a caveman. They don’t think – he takes action on the spur of the moment and usually has no regrets.

Saturn in Aries: Who is the man behind the mask? They overcompensate by appearing confident when they are not. Believe in them and he will love you forever.

Mars in Taurus: He understands the art and craft of love and how to stay just out reach until you are begging him to take you in his arms. Once you are his it will be hard to escape.

Saturn in Taurus: He has to work harder than most to create security. But once he gets it he will love to spoil you rotten. Don’t comment on his ‘iffy’ clothes; compliment his amazing business sense.

Mars in Gemini: Can you keep up with all the clever twists and turns of his cunning mind as he works out how to get you where he wants you? Don’t believe a word he says. If he goes quiet he is serious.

Saturn in Gemini: He may feel uncool in witty or intellectual company, but when he needs to speak from the heart he will do so beautifully.

Mars in Cancer: He wants you to be like his mother in every respect. He expects to be pampered and cuddled, is easily hurt, and quite moody. But he understands your feelings, too, and can usually cook well.

Saturn in Cancer: He is not very good with feelings or telling you that he loves you. He will show it in other ways if you give him a chance.

Mars in Leo: Larger than life in all respects, he loves passion, action, grand gestures, and lots of romance. He also loves drama and being the center of attention.

Saturn in Leo: He pretends to shun the limelight, but finds other ways to get attention. You can cut out a lot of embarrassment by making him feel special.

Mars in Virgo: He loves health and nature and all things organic and natural, including you. If he really feels for you he’ll try to improve you.

Saturn in Virgo: He will pester you to take your vitamins and exercise. But don’t start on him if he lacks discipline. He’s secretly frightened his world may come crashing down.

Mars in Libra: This is Mr. Nice Guy – maybe too nice. He’s suave and sophisticated, but can you trust him? Despite indecision he knows what he wants.

Saturn in Libra: He wants to be loved so badly he will resort to all kinds of tactics. He’d love to give affection, but is often blocked from doing so.

Mars in Scorpio: He is extremely magnetic and seductive. He emanates a force that you are powerless to resist and plays for keeps. Don’t get involved unless you want to be owned mind, body, and soul.

Saturn in Scorpio: This man is terrified of committing himself and being hurt. He can lash out if he suspects you of anything deceitful. He needs love, and therapy, too.

Mars in Sagittarius: This is the adventurer of the Zodiac who is dying to explore your world. He is lovable, funny, warm, and fun to be around… but he may not stay for long.

Saturn in Sagittarius: He is always seeking something and never seems happy with any philosophy handed to him on a plate. Ever restless, it may take some time to for him to settle down.

Mars in Capricorn: He is master of his fate, and if you are his destiny he will get you where he wants you. He heats up slowly, but when he’s hot he’s really hot.

Saturn in Capricorn: He can be quite controlling because he is frightened of his own chaos. Feelings aren’t easy to handle, so he may leave these to you. Don’t let him overpower you.

Mars in Aquarius: He is the guy who has that hippie-chic look about him. He may also be the punk, the anarchist, and an individual. He woos you with his rebellious outlook and love of revolution.

Saturn in Aquarius: He is terrified of being just one in the crowd. He often feels lonely and needs to be appreciated for the unique being he is.

Mars in Pisces: He is elusive yet deeply aware of the chemistry between you. He may leave the seduction to you, so he doesn’t have to take control. If he feels trapped he may simply vanish.

Saturn in Pisces: Not an easy soul to get to know, but you are drawn in by his eyes which can look tortured. He needs you, but is terrified he won’t live up to your expectations – so may not bother trying.

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