Fun Facts about Sagittarius


On November 11, 2014

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Fun Facts about Sagittarius

The Sag’s philosophical, broad-minded approach to life motivates them to wander far and wide in the search for the meaning of life. Extroverted, optimistic, and enthusiastic, it can be almost impossible to keep the Sagittarian down. They love change. In fact, change is essential for this sign to feel their best

Friends and Family
Whether it’s stimulating conversation or a hike through the mountains, you can expect this sign to be surrounded by friends. They’re a ton of fun, and downright wacky at times. They love to laugh and get everyone around them going. Sagittarians make friends from around the globe, enjoying the various takes on life and culture. They’re generous and not ones to hold a grudge. Anyone who can sit and talk about the deeper things in life will suit a Sagittarian just fine. When it comes to family, the Sagittarian is dedicated and willing to do just about anything. Freedom and independence are extremely important for this outgoing sign. Providing these traits aren’t infringed upon, relationships go well.

Career and Money
“Visualization” is the keyword for the Sagittarian. When this sign sees something as possible in their minds, they will go to great lengths and rally people to make it happen. Straightforward, they don’t usually mince words about what they want, and they seem to know exactly what needs to be said in a given situation. They make excellent salespeople, and it’s even better when this involves travel. When the Sagittarian gets a sense of the big picture, they’ll work night and day to reach a goal.

A variety of tasks and a dynamic atmosphere favor the Sagittarian. Careers such as travel agent, photographer, explorer, artist, realtors, ambassador, and trader all suit this free spirited personality.

Fun-loving Sagittarians enjoy making and spending money. Considered the luckiest of the Zodiac, they don’t worry too much about where the next buck is coming from. Sagittarians are risk takers and highly optimistic, trusting in the Universe to provide what is needed. Money management tasks will bore the Sagittarian to tears, so getting a bookkeeper or accountant is the best plan in order to stay on top of what’s coming and going.

Love and Sex
This fiery sign is playful and loves to have fun with their lover(s). Passionate, expressive, and willing to try just about anything, partners who are equally outgoing are best. There’s a fine line between sex and love for this sign. Their love of change and variety can bring a lot of different personalities to the bedroom. But when it comes to love, that’s an entirely different thing. Once taken, the Sagittarian is loyal and devoted. Mates for this sign need to be intellectual, sensitive, and expressive for the best results. As the key phrase for this sign is “I understand”… having a good sense of how their partner thinks is quite important.


Each sign has a part of the anatomy attached to it, making this the area of the body that is most sensitive to stimulation. The anatomical areas for Sagittarius are the hips, thighs, and upper legs.

Ruling Planet
The ruling planet for Sagittarius is Jupiter. Considered the luckiest of planets, it rules wealth, leisure time, big business, the higher mind, optimism, growth, morality, prosperity, indulgence, long distance travel, aspirations, sports, and a fondness for animals.

The color of choice for Sagittarius is rich purple.

Sagittarius’ star stone is the topaz.

Lucky Numbers
Sagittarius’ lucky numbers are 3, 5, and 8.

Sagittarians are most compatible with Leo and Aries.

Opposite Sign
The opposite sign for Sagittarius is Gemini.

The Perfect Gift
The best gifts for a Sagittarius are pet-related items or something for the outdoors.

Travel, being outdoors, freedom, philosophy. Dislikes
Details, being constrained, off-the-wall theories, clingy people. House
Natural sign of the Ninth House. This house focuses on religion, philosophy, super-conscious mind, long trips, laws, and in-laws.

Famous Sagittarians
Steven Spielberg, Mark Twain, Tina Turner, Jimi Hendrix, Tyra Banks, Brad Pitt, Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Lucy Liu, Woody Allen, and Winston Churchill.

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