Are the Stars to Blame?


On November 10, 2014

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Are the Stars to Blame?

If you’re in a special relationship, there are ways to make it not just stable but almost sure to succeed! We can all use more self-confidence, better self-discipline, improved social and financial skills. The planets can help or hurt with this.

Vedic astrology has techniques to placate or propitiate the planets. Western tropical astrology also has ways to ‘make friends’ with a planet and smooth the way when a planet messes with you.

Your own force of will is also a powerful thing. Be serious and intent on some goal and you can make it happen even if the planets are configured against you. So, be careful, but if you can make friends with a planet, why not?

Low self-esteem, zero self-confidence? Get on the Sun’s good side by wearing a bit of gold or red every day (undergarments count). Soak up some sunshine and feel good and strong just to be alive, especially on Sundays. Take that energy out to the world in some public way, no matter how modest.

The Moon rules the fluctuating tides of the emotions. The general public and women are special to the Moon. Quell your throbbing heart and make friends with the feminine side by wearing a bit of silver, white, moonstone, or pearl every day. Make Mondays a home-centered, more private time. The Moon moves and changes, and no matter how deep the mess, improvement is on the way. Watch for the New Moon and Full Moon and be alert to Moon mischief.

Feel scattered and disorganized? Do you misplace things and lose your train of thought, especially in conversations? Make friends with Mercury. Save your important phone calls and appointments for Wednesdays (if you can), wear an inconspicuous neutral color, and have a piece of hematite with you. Mercury also rules trickiness and thievery. Own a tiny bit of this, and keep it in control.

Shy, indecisive, and insecure? Do you desperately crave the approval and affection of others? Fix this by wearing pastel pink or lavender, and wear or carry a bit of shiny copper. Smile and listen, especially on Fridays. Do you have a favorite poet, musician, or artist? If not, find one. Random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty were invented by Venus. Go ahead and indulge.

Angry? Impatient? Accident-prone? Or maybe worse, frightened and/or exhausted? Get Mars on your side. Wear a bright warm color or black, and keep a bit of iron on yourself. Use Tuesdays to act dynamically, and drive safely. Play (or at least watch) some sport. Mars loves competition. Still overly aggressive? Temper this with a touch of Venus niceness. Venus and Mars have a long history together.

Over-extended, and maybe overweight? Or perhaps you’re starved for good luck? Wear royal blue or purple, especially on Thursdays. Jupiter also resonates with jade. Be generous, and Jupiter can be generous to you.

Feeling old and tired? Strangled by the red tape, responsibilities, and all things that reek of authority figures? Wear dark blue or black, especially on Saturdays. Be kind to all black animals (like crows or ravens), and show extra respect to older people. Respect and good manners make Saturn pleased with you.

Outer planets mess with the whole world, generation by generation. They’re powerful forces, but don’t take them too personally. Concentrate on the five inner planets (especially Jupiter and Saturn) and the Sun and Moon.

Although these suggestions may sound silly, they’re exercises in what Buddhists call “mindfulness.” When you’re aware of a problem, you’re more than halfway to a solution. The symbolism of the inner planets is designed to highlight the inner you, for good or ill. Take the inner planets in hand and make friends. You can stop being messed with, and make it all good!

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