What’s Your Power Day?

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On November 10, 2014

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What’s Your Power Day?

There are seven key planets in the sky: the Sun, the Moon, and the five planets we can see with only our eyes. These planets all have profound influences on us, some more than others. We also have seven days of the week. This is no coincidence.

Calendars, timekeeping, and astrology have developed together in our Western culture. As our world gets more modern, and more of the traditional astrology is lost or forgotten, we can still to use the daily correspondences to our benefit. Simply the names of the days of the week give you a clue. You don’t have to plan your whole schedule around this, but it gives you a sense of what efforts have a better chance to succeed on a given day of the week, because the planets are working with you.

Sunday is named for the Sun. It’s a good day of the week to do your noblest acts, show kindness and generosity, and try to be a better person – the person that your Sun Sign wants you to be.

Monday is the Moon’s day. The traditional work week starts and we put on our public personas. It’s a day good for social and business interactions, also for family and friends. It’s a day to handle our emotions with respect, because nothing changes more rapidly than the Moon and our emotions – not even the weather.

Tuesday is the day of the week for Mars. You have extra self-confidence and energy. It’s a good time to start something, to push through some stubborn obstacle, or argue for something important to you. Don’t overdue it and get into silly conflicts, which happen more easily on Tuesdays, but accomplish a lot and enjoy being alive!

Wednesday is the day of the week good for all things mercurial, as in Mercury. This means mental work: introspection, studying, learning, writing, and reading. It’s also the day for communications of all sorts: networking, phone calls and emails, and quality online time. Express yourself well. Be persuasive and more clever than usual.

Thursday is Jupiter’s day, and the king of the planets brings the power to deal with big things, problems, and people. With a positive outlook, you can attract extra good luck, approval, and gain authority. You can project expertise that you don’t yet have, so be modest, act with integrity, and moderate extravagances. Take charge all day long.

Friday is the day of the week for charming Venus. No wonder the work week ends and the weekend starts now for most people. In the daytime, enjoy abundant social skills, good manners, and harmonious solutions that smooth out any wrinkles between people. Close out the work week with tact and satisfaction, and look forward to a pleasant weekend. Obviously, this is a great day for romance, love, sweetness, and affection.

Saturday is the day of the week ruled by Saturn. Saturn keeps the lid on things and stops things from spinning out of control, so be glad for practical restraints. It’s a good day to slow down, attend to details, perhaps spend some time with older people… basically a day to work to make things right. Remember to feel good and give yourself credit.

The day of the week you were born is your special day. Were you born on a Sunday? Then you can really shine! Wednesday? You have a really sharp mind. Friday? You were born being able to turn on the charm.

So, how will you make the most of each day?

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