Are you a Lucid Dreamer?


On November 10, 2014

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Are you a Lucid Dreamer?

Astral dreaming can be used to both learn about and heal ourselves. “Astral dreaming” is a term used to describe the state where we are both aware of and can also participate in our dreams.

An example of this is called “astral traveling,” where the dreamer is both aware of going to different destinations during dreamtime and also what they experience along the way. The fun really starts when you learn how to record and play back these experiences at a later date.

Many native cultures throughout the world believe that the world exists as you dream it. This implies that by dreaming positive thoughts, or visions of what you would like to see, you can manifest them into reality.

Although it can be a bit more involved than just thinking lovely thoughts, it appears that there is some merit to this belief and it helps if you can remember your astral dreams. Let’s face it, many people who have accomplished extraordinary deeds in their lives have said, “I have a dream,” long before that dream became a reality.

So, what do you have to do to begin astral dreaming? Dreams are usually made up of emotions that our subconscious mind dresses up so we can visually recognize feelings that we have no words for. By understanding that we are dealing with visualized emotions, we begin to pinpoint the cause of our joy and anxiety in dreams. This is the next step in making your dreams work for you. By getting rid of this unneeded baggage, you free your mind to heal yourself.

During dreamtime the mind uses filters to do this. The filters block certain conscious thoughts out, while letting old memories into mix with new emotions, thus causing unclear dreamscapes. By understanding the meaning of the dream through pinpointing emotions you can bring a new clarity to your life.

There is an easy and ancient technique to start astral dreaming. First, simply make an icon, image, or place a statue of what you want to appear in your dreams in your bedroom. Then, concentrate on this representation each night until it begins to appear in your dreams. The third step is to learn to take that object where you want it through astral traveling.

The key to astral travel is letting go and allowing your personal totem, whether it be a fairy godmother, animal spirit, or guardian angel to guide you through the unfamiliar terrain of dreams. A good time to practice astral travel is either right before you fall asleep or right before you awaken. As you drift in and out of sleep, imagine yourself flying, and as you drift back into a dream you just might still be flying. Keep your eye out for your guide and you’ll be on your way to places you didn’t even think that you could imagine.

The trick to remembering your astral dreams is to not focus on any one thing. Instead, gaze over the entire dreamscape, picking up details that catch your eye, like you would with a video camera. By not concentrating too hard on remembering what may be too fantastic to put into words, you won’t block the later replay of the images.

A couple of days later, but not too long or you will forget, find a place to relax and just try to replay the prerecorded video in your mind. You may be shocked at how much recall you have using this technique and how much remembering your dreams can help you.

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