Easy Home Makeover Tips

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On November 10, 2014

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Easy Home Makeover Tips

So, you’ve looked at your home or apartment and think you need to trade living spaces or make a clean sweep? Think again. Follow some simple astrological guidelines, and you will love the way your personal environment looks and feels. You don’t need an extreme makeover. You only need to identify your inner needs as they relate to your surroundings and your Zodiac Sign.

Each sign of the Zodiac has basic qualities that can be enhanced by color, sound, textiles, landscape, style, and accessories. All of these elements combine to contribute to your overall sense of comfort, security and happiness. Make home decorating decisions based on your true needs and you will find your life filled with positive energy. Read on to find out how you can bring out the best possible vibe in your home.

The Aries home should be full of high-energy colors, especially touches of red. This will stimulate the natural exuberance and confidence you possess. Fill your space with exercise equipment or sports paraphernalia, and leave lots of room to move around. Art or photography should be vibrant and colorful, exuding excitement. Choose a home that has easy access to recreational facilities and trails, fitness classes, or sports arenas.

The Taurus home should be soft and sensual. Make sure it is equipped with a practical and inviting kitchen. Fill it with as many appliances and gadgets as you can. Don’t forget the wet bar and the wine rack. Your furnishings should be luxurious and beautiful, full of texture and rich patterning. Buy sofas and bedding that are overstuffed and ultra comfortable. Allow scent to fill the air and play soft music. Fill your rooms with plants and flowers.

The Gemini home should have reliable Internet service, an HD TV, and several very large bookcases. Gemini needs lots of air and light, so find a place with large windows, skylights, an expansive view and use pale, light colors – or open up whatever you have. Open-plan rooms or a loft are perfect for you. Choose art that is thought-provoking and intriguing to encourage discussion.

The Cancer home is nurturing, warm, and cozy. The country look, either sophisticated or simple, would suit you best. Choose a location in which you feel safe and invest in an alarm system. Warm tones of wood, floral fabrics, and the smell of freshly baked cookies make you deliriously happy. Live near the ocean if you can, or find images of water to make you feel at home.

The Leo home should be full of bright colors and dramatic art and window treatments. Bright yellow, vibrant blue, orange, red, and purple in richly textured fabric will give a regal look. Your home should make a statement and be full of life and occasional childlike touches. It should bring out the child in anyone, young and old, by having lots of games. Make sure you have an entertainment center and a big screen TV.

The Virgo home is ultra clean and very organized. The sleek, modern look would suit you well. A few well-placed, tasteful objects will set the tone. A monochromatic theme or neutral colors would suit your personality. Choose a home with lots of storage; if the closets are walk-in or equipped with modular organizers, they will set your heart aflutter. For your peace of mind, there should be absolutely no clutter in your home.

The Libra home is tasteful and coordinated, and full of expensive d├ęcor. There should be a beautiful view and lots of space for entertaining. Elegant and comfortable at the same time, you will enjoy creating a gorgeous interior, probably using your creative skills to create a romantic atmosphere. Fill your home with little luxuries like scented candles, a spa tub if you can, and soft bedding. Provide lots of room for clothes and shoes. Hang wind chimes in the breeze.

The Scorpio home is exotic and mysterious. Look for a place with hidden rooms and lots of character. Rich, deep colors and mood lighting will increase the sensuous ambience. Burn incense and votive candles. A pool or a hot tub would be nice if you can afford it. If not, get a small water fountain for inside or out. Buy furniture that is sexy and inviting, covered in rich fabrics. Choose artwork that is complex or provocative.

The Sagittarius home is spacious, laid-back and not very formal. Decorate with souvenirs from your travels or ethnic accessories and fabric. Look for a working fireplace or an ourdoor fire pit. Set up a gazebo or screen room in the backyard. Let your pets have the run of the space. The furniture should be meant to sit on and relax. Accent the space with cheerful colors and funky, unexpected touches.

The Capricorn home should be high on a hill or on the upper floor of a building. An older or historic home is the best for you. Earth tones and neutrals can tie everything together. Be conservative in your choice of accessories and materials. Invest in quality furniture that is made to last. Don’t choose the latest trend, but rather go with traditional pieces.

The Aquarius home needs to be light and airy, filled with unique items and the latest electronics. This sign would love a computerized home. At the very least it should have full access to the Internet and premium cable service. Abstract or conceptual art, electronic music, and cutting edge furniture would create a quirky, interesting existence.

The Pisces home is otherworldly and ethereal. Create atmosphere with an aquarium or other water features. Decorate in soothing colors and textures reminiscent of the sea and keep a glass bowl of shells or rocks on display. Hang sheer, gauze curtains to partition rooms. Take your own photographs and display them prominently or buy prints that appeal to you. Make your home a creative haven where you can paint or draw quietly in your own studio.

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