Why Are You So Into Her?

By Horoscope.com

On November 10, 2014

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Why Are You So Into Her?

The Moon in Aries: She is a sex kitten, but don’t expect her to be the passive type – she can hiss and spit, too. She opens her own doors and is independent. She is also very loyal if she thinks you are worth it.

Venus in Aries: She needs to be number one in the relationship and likes to have her needs met on demand. Hotter than hot, you have to be strong for this relationship to last.

The Moon in Taurus: She is sexy, warm, fertile and very feminine. How can you resist her charms, especially when she is also a great cook and fabulous lover? But she can be very possessive, too.

Venus in Taurus: If you are wealthy, have a fabulous throaty voice, wear amazing clothes, and are successful she will snap you up fast. Otherwise she will seduce you slowly.

The Moon in Gemini: She loves to talk and talk and talk. If you do, too, you can really hit it off. But she is frightened of her feelings and yours. Proceed with care.

Venus in Gemini: You will need to have your cell phone glued to your ear, as she will call you a thousand times a day and expect you to do the same. She can be seduced by secrets and gossip.

The Moon in Cancer: She is born to nurture, and will care for you like your own mother. She feels everything and can be a bit psychic. If you upset her she turns her dark side toward you.

Venus in Cancer: Her feelings ebb and flow and sometimes you wonder if you will ever understand her. She needs you and yet she craves space too. Deep down, she cares more than you know.

The Moon in Leo: She adores drama and being the center of attention. She also wants to dominate the relationship and at the same time expects you to be a real man. Can you handle her ego?

Venus in Leo: She wants someone to be the lion to her wild pussycat nature, and a relationship on her terms. You will feel like a king by her side – but will you be allowed to rule?

The Moon in Virgo: She doesn’t do passion, at least not in the sense you might expect. But she does know how to heal, swears that cleanliness is next to godliness, and is reassuringly practical.

Venus in Virgo: She is looking for a meeting of minds. She loves sophistication. Yet she also wants someone who can show her how to be spontaneous. Could it be you?

The Moon in Libra: She loves everything ‘nice’ – like soft embraces, gentle seductive gestures, candlelight, and romantic music. Any hint of vulgarity or too much passion too soon will send her running.

Venus in Libra: She doesn’t like confrontation, anger, or too much neediness. She needs space and civilized behavior before she makes a commitment. Don’t turn up scruffy.

The Moon in Scorpio: She will undress you to right to the depths of your soul. She is not one to trifle with. She will know if you are playing games – and will play them right back.

Venus in Scorpio: She is deeply passionate and looking for the ultimate sexual encounter, which has to be erotic, taboo, and fizzing with chemistry. You need to be strong to handle her.

The Moon in Sagittarius: She needs freedom like you need oxygen, so don’t try to possess her as she will slip out of your grasp and be on to a new adventure. If you are fun she may stick around.

Venus in Sagittarius: She loves a gambler, someone who enjoys taking a risk and does so with total trust in life. If you are a philosopher and an explorer, she will really enjoy your company.

The Moon in Capricorn: She has a powerful survival instinct which comes into play in relationships. She needs to control the way everything pans out and doesn’t enjoy displays of spontaneous affection.

Venus in Capricorn: If you are an ambitious professional she will adore you – but is naturally slow to show her feelings. She loves moving in prestigious circles. Don’t disappoint her.

The Moon in Aquarius: She loves the unexpected but hates emotional outbursts and scenes. She can be a loner and can seem more platonic than passionate, but does have a secret yearning for romance.

Venus in Aquarius: She will love you if you come from a different background than her and are a natural revolutionary. If you are intelligent that’s another plus. She can get easily bored.

The Moon in Pisces: She is very caring, deeply compassionate, and will pick up your feelings in a second, but could confuse them with hers. She can be a martyr, which isn’t so pretty.

Venus in Pisces: She loves someone with mystery who she can’t quite fathom. She is also drawn to artists, actors, and bohemians. If you want to get close, perform a little magic – it will work wonders.

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