Avoid These Workspace Traps!

By Horoscope.com

On November 10, 2014

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Avoid These Workspace Traps!

Feng Shui, also known as the art of placement, has the power to make your work life easy, productive, and pleasant. It’s all a matter of arranging essential items so they will serve you best. While you’re busy moving things around, take a few moments to clear out the clutter. The more streamlined your office space, the more successful you will be.

Face the Door
If you want to get good assignments and positive recognition, arrange your desk so it faces the door. If that’s not possible, position a mirror so that you have a clear view of the door while seated. That way, you can spot opportunities when they arrive, instead of getting passed over again and again.

Make Your Mark
Personalize your space with a nameplate on your desk or office door. For added emphasis, mount your label on a piece of bright red paper. It will be easier to win favorable attention from your boss when you put your own personal stamp on your workspace. If you have your own business, it’s especially important to put your name on the front entrance, where customers can clearly see it.

Stay Inspired
Workers need to feel inspired in order to be productive. Placing a picture of your child, pet, or favorite vacation spot just above eye level will prompt you to do your best at all times. This will introduce uplifting Fire energy into your working quarters.

Keep the Peace
To maintain a tranquil, nurturing workspace, keep two pieces of rose quartz in the far right corner of your office space, using the main entrance as your reference point. This will bring peaceful Earth energy into your work life.

Beat the Clock
If you have trouble staying focused at work, place a round, white clock opposite your desk, to the right of center. This will lend Metal energy to your space, making you more mindful of deadlines.

Remain Flexible
To avoid getting into a rut, place a black area rug by the front entrance of your office. This will promote versatile Water energy into your work life, making it easy to shift gears when appropriate.

Bloom Where You’re Planted
If you want to climb the corporate ladder, place a tall, healthy plant in the far left corner of your office, using the main entrance as your reference point. This will draw uplifting Wood energy into your office, helping your career grow and thrive.

Turn Down the Heat
A frenzied workspace suffers from an excess of yang energy. Combat the problem by bringing a lamp with a dimmer switch in, and lower the lights when things get too hectic. Add some earthenware design elements to absorb some of the stress. Installing a small desk fountain can also calm an overly stressful work environment.

Jazz Things Up
A depressing office suffers from an excess of yin energy. Reverse the trend by installing an oscillating fan that stirs the air. Place a chime clock on your desk so you don’t feel isolated. Display colorful photographs of people and animals to bring life into the space.

Clear the Clutter
If your bookshelves, file cabinets, and desk drawers are jammed full, your career is in danger of stagnating. Throw away any outmoded materials each quarter, and relegate old records to a storage space.

Get Support
A desk chair with a high back will provide you with support when you need it most, especially if you’re dealing with an unappreciative boss or unsympathetic colleagues.

Clear a Path
Using your office floor as storage space for boxes and papers will slow your progress. Stow bulky items in closets or on shelves, where they won’t impede your movement and drag your energy downward.

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