Dangerous times

By Horoscope.com

On November 10, 2014

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Dangerous times

The Moon is famous for making us act crazy. Some of that reputation is fantasy, like the werewolf who changes and howls with the Full Moon. But some of that lunar reputation is factual, like hospital emergency rooms that are especially busy on weekends with a Full Moon. But the Moon doesn’t have to be full to do its crazy work.

Because the Moon’s orbit isn’t level in the sky with the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, there are times when the Moon moves far north or far south, beyond where the Sun can go. Then the Moon is “out of bounds,” and anyone who plays sports knows what “out of bounds” means. The Moon is playing outside the rules.

When the Moon is out of bounds, we experience one “flash in the pan” after another. It’s most intense when the Moon enters the sign Cancer. Tempers flare, good judgment is scarce, and people are overly territorial and protective.

It’s also wild when the Moon enters Capricorn. Work takes on a crazy importance. People over-identify and are manically proud of even bad work. Hysteria is in the air, and it’s especially risky when people in positions of authority yield to these influences. It’s exciting, but not always fun.

Every 18.5 years, the north node of the Moon’s orbit will line up with the north node of the Earth’s orbit (which is the vernal equinox). Then the Moon goes dramatically out of bounds. It’s the peak of the Moon’s major standstill cycle. The effects are strongest on the days of the month when the Moon enters the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. Things get even crazier when a planet enters Cancer or Capricorn and the Moon joins forces with the planet.

Remember anything significant about 2005? Mars entered Cancer in April 2005, and there was a build-up of tensions. To sample the global high emotions, the U.S war in Iraq started in March 2003, the ETA attacks in Madrid occurred in March 2004, the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami happened in December 2004, Pope John Paul II died in April 2005, and the terrorist attacks on the London Underground struck in July 2005.

From 2005 to 2008, the world was a crazy place. It’s still crazy now. Pluto has entered Capricorn. Mars has left Cancer and moved into Leo. Saturn is in opposition to Uranus, giving us a major tug of war between conservative and the unconventional forces. Saturn is also square to Pluto, causing great battles when any big change is attempted. It’s no wonder that the world is in financial chaos and governments are having more trouble than usual just dealing with day-to-day business, much less solving monumental problems.

We should have a few years of psychic and emotional calm to deal with our lives. Relax and take a deep breath. The Moon won’t be seriously out of bounds again until 2023. At the moment, the sky is giving us a break.

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