6 Things to Throw Away Now!

By Horoscope.com

On November 7, 2014

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6 Things to Throw Away Now!

Is it a case of bad luck, or just bad decor? Feng shui, or the ancient art of placement, isn’t just a matter of positioning particular objects in certain areas. It also involves ridding your space of items that create toxic energy. If you want to create a home that is warm, comfortable, and joyous, rid it of the following items. You’ll notice an immediate improvement.

Dried Flowers
Dried flowers – including potpourri – create bad feng shui. That’s because they represent stagnant energy. When you display dried flowers, it becomes difficult to live in the moment. You may find yourself pining for your childhood or former lovers. You might even feel like you’re past your prime. So ditch the prom corsage and invest in a fresh bouquet. Keep a thriving, flowering plant near the front entrance to your home, where it will energize and uplift you on a daily basis.

Broken Machinery
For feng shui practitioners, electronic objects represent strength and power. Broken machinery/appliances will eventually manifest in your life as a health problem, failed relationship, or toxic work situation. Either take the equipment to be fixed or throw it out. It’s better to leave a space empty than fill it with a faulty television, toaster, or stereo.

Dying Plants
Plants symbolize growth in feng shui, but only if they are thriving. If your houseplants are drooping or dead, they’ll create problems. You may find it difficult to wake up refreshed. Alternately, you could fight the urge to sleep at work. It’s even possible you will be too tired for sex. If your plants have suffered because of your own neglect, throw them out and get healthy ones, and vow to turn over a new leaf with regard to their care. If you have a black thumb, don’t despair. Replace your live plants with realistic looking silk ones. Aim an oscillating fan at their leaves so they will mimic the moment of plants in the breeze.

Drugs Past the Expiration Date
Keeping medicines and cosmetics past their expiration dates is not only dangerous to your health if you take them, but it’s also bad for your home. Such items contain toxic energy that can make it difficult for you to release, relax, and rejuvenate. Go through your medicine and bathroom cabinets and discard any medicines and toiletries that are past their prime. It will become much easier to let go of anxieties and enjoy more leisure time.

Old Food in the Refrigerator
Feng shui views food as symbolic of your ability to give and receive love. Therefore, having a refrigerator full of old food can really compromise your relationships. Go through your refrigerator on a weekly basis, checking your drawers, containers, and condiment racks for food that has turned into science experiments. Toss anything that’s no longer edible. When you get into the habit of doing this, you’ll be more mindful about eating leftovers in a prompt fashion. You’ll also notice it becomes much easier to express love freely, and receive the kind of nurturing you need to thrive.

Photographs of Former Lovers
Even if you’re on good terms with your ex, it’s not healthy to display photos of him or her in prominent places. Photographs contain intense energy. They have a powerful impact on your subconscious. If you want to make room in your life for a lasting, healthy romantic relationship, stow pictures of your former lover in a photo album. This will symbolize your desire for a new relationship, making it easier for attract admirers.

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