Forbidden love


On October 17, 2014

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Forbidden love

You have found an amazing man or woman who makes you smile all the time. You look forward to seeing him or her. This person is smart, attractive, thoughtful, and has a really incredible personality. You feel so good inside every time you think about being with him or her. There is only one problem though: your crush is already seeing somebody else, and maybe even in a serious, commited relationship.

So, what can you do? You have four basic options. You could:

  1. Make it your mission in life to make this person see that you are meant to be together, which might make you seem desperate and could cause some major drama.
  2. Accept the reality of the situation and make the decision to just be friends and not interfere with his/her relationship.
  3. Send out good vibes to the Universe that you want him/her and let fate take its course, whether that means you end up together or are driven farther apart.
  4. Acknowledge how special you are and have the confidence and faith in yourself that when the time is right, you will meet someone who is free to love you as much as you deserve to be loved.

Give this a great deal of thought. What you decide to do is up to you, but remember that there are other people’s feelings involved and there is more than just one person out there for you. Let us explore each one of the scenarios described above, and how all four work or fail with traditional astrological compatibility.

If you managed to succeed at driving your love interest from his current love to you, you have pushed beyond the boundaries of natural soul mates. What does the lack of loyalty and ability to be pushed from one love to another say about him or her? What does this means of getting a relationship say about you? If he/she could be seduced away, could this person be just as easily seduced away from you someday by another very cunning admirer? Don’t forget that karma works both ways – you get back what you give out.

If you went with accepting reality, then you would have your wits about you and were very concerned about not wanting to hurt anyone (including yourself). After all, your crush’s partner found him or her first and there must be something that bonds the two of them together. Right? Being friends is fine if you’re truly fine with the relationship going no further. Do not have any expectations. Also, be careful about spending too much of your free time with your “friend” when you should be setting your sights on finding a mate of your own. To have love, you need to be open to it and looking around.

Sending out good vibes to the Universe as outlined in the third approach is very positive but surprisingly not appropriate for this particular set of circumstances, even from an astrological point of view. We have all done this sort of thing but it is not the healthiest outlook to take. Instead, the stars encourage you to call upon them for the courage and self-love it takes to be ready when the love that is meant to happen comes your way. We cannot always have who we want or what we want – period. If your taboo crush likes you as a friend but loves loves another, then that is that. Send out good vibes that say you are ready for lasting love to come into your life from another source.

The last option is the best and most effective choice because it takes the focus off of this unavailable and unattainable man and shines the spotlight on you. You are as deserving of love as every other individual is. It can be disappointing, sad, and downright discouraging when love seems to be in the air for everyone but you. It feels like you have been excluded from a club that you want so desperately to be a member!

What you need to do is to find ways to reinforce how special and precious you are. There are many ways to do this. You might want to try out a new hairstyle or a new look, spend time with friends who make you feel important and popular, read a book that resonates with you, or take some time to get in touch with your spiritual side, such as learning to meditate or taking a yoga class.

The important thing is to build your confidence and energy in such a way that it will show on the outside and others will take notice! In order to find a man or woman for yourself you need to first be happy with who you are and then work from there by consulting the stars for inspiration. Find joy, fulfillment, and enjoyment in your own life and before you know it that crush you are thinking about presently will be replaced in your mind and your heart with a real love interest who is totally into you!

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