Beat the Baby Blues


On October 29, 2014

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Beat the Baby Blues

You made a miracle happen. Pregnancy is the time when mother and child become one – heart, mind, and soul. Talk to your child now. Tell him or her how much he or she is already cherished and loved.

The spirit and the life force
Pregnancy’s 40 weeks is a long time for impatient Aries. Keep busy by prenatally stimulating your child. Build their confidence from conception on. This is the time to solidify relationships with important people in your life. Let them know how much you cherish and love them as well.

The external flow of love’s essence
A Taurean can remain calm and unhurried during this special time of sharing and bonding. Even before birth, your child loves to hear your voice. Sing to him or her. Read aloud. This is a time filled with changes, Taurus. Resonate with them. The keyword is ‘flow.’ Loosen old habits.

Playfulness and spontaneous energy
Pregnancy gives a Gemini an adventurous learning experience. One doesn’t have to tell you to talk, sing, and get to know a baby prenatally. It’s a natural to you. Happy words come easy, but don’t forget more intimate communication about love.

Blissfully and patiently waiting
Moonchildren naturally infuse their own children with a great capacity for love. They provide a safe and warm nest. You should have no doubts about whether you’ll be a good mom. Partnership pampering is mutually satisfying as you share your feelings with your mate and vice versa.

You’ve never looked more beautiful
It’s a time when you feel the spontaneous rush of creative energy. Leo experiences the essence of caring and nurturing as you and baby bond naturally and easily. Happiness is creating a secure home for bringing a child into the world, and no one does it better.

Thinking happy thoughts
The sunshine of feelings can overcome the tendency to worry. Happiness simply IS. You can lighten up and enjoy all of your important relationships with a little effort. Solidify them so your baby feels secure. This is also a good time to give yourself permission to accept and enjoy pampering.

The beauty of peaceful motherhood
Libra loves the child from the moment of conception, and that is probably the moment you began to communicate with him or her. Each day you grow closer, not only with your child, but also with other important people in your life. That is always what happiness is to you, isn’t it?

Higher form of love
For Scorpio, pregnancy deepens emotions. Words of love come easily. Yet, you also feel lightness of spirit that helps you create a positive environment and relationships to bring your child into. Happiness is in the recognition of what unconditional love and fulfillment are all about.

A state of happy expectation
Welcome to nine months of enjoyment of everything: food, love, and life. Your baby already senses and enjoys these blessings. There are moments, however, when you should seek deep solitude. A soothing mind also soothes your child physically.

A unique mission
When pregnant, Capricorn discovers what a grand capacity for affection and love he/she has. Take time to enjoy these precious moments when it is just baby and you. Happiness is bringing the child into a world in which you’ve already built memories throughout the pregnancy.

A great creative work in progress
Aquarius dreams of great things for her child. This is a very of-the-future time you enjoy. The baby joins you in your own creative expression. He or she listens as you read aloud. Your child is learning in the womb. Happiness is within, as you glow with confidence.

Shining with radiance
Pisces (even prospective papas) adapt easily to the joys of motherhood. The anticipatory months are peaceful and serene. The family bonds early on as the house and the people in it assume a gentler way of being. Happiness is in letting go of the past.

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