Are You Eating the Right Foods?


On October 29, 2014

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Are You Eating the Right Foods?

Food is the sustenance of life – a source of energy. It nourishes, comforts, satiates, and soothes; and, without it, we wouldn’t survive. It has been observed that different personalities have different tastes in food. However, your astrological Sun Sign may also reveal your particular culinary preferences.

Check out the guide below to see if your favorite foods jibe with your sign or if you are tuning in to another’s. You can then either align yourself with your sign or power up what you feel is your most “natural” sign. After all, you are what you eat.

Always in a hurry, the first sign in the Zodiac can and will eat and run. Try munching on zesty-flavored “fast food” like spicy chips or tangy chicken breast nuggets with dipping sauce.

The earthy Taurus likes earthy foods. Coveted chow is meat and potatoes and root vegetables covered in savory gravy, followed by a dessert of custard pudding topped with whipped cream to satiate their sweet tooth.

For the changeable Gemini, food tastes vary… variety is the spice of their life. A smorgasbord appeals to these Mercurial and cerebral taste buds and offers a lot of “food for thought.”

The Cancer needs comfort foods that soothe and comfort. Chicken soup, warm tea, hot chocolate, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches bring solace to the Moonchild, and stir up nostalgic memories

The image-conscience Leo feasts his or her eyes on beautiful, showy, fancy foods. Caramelized pears, colorfully garnished chateaubriand, and flowers carved out of vegetables please the palate of the flamboyant Leo.

Whole earth and natural foods agree with the health-conscience Virgo. Grains, beans, nuts, seeds, herbs, and fresh fruits and veggies serve this sign known to be a picky eater.

The elegant Libra never overindulges, but enjoys slowing down, relaxing, and snacking. Light, bite-size tea sandwiches – cucumber, hummus, or watercress – and “finger foods” suit the Libra’s refined sense of taste.

The Scorpio, drawn to the forbidden, over-indulgent side of life, takes pleasure in calorie-laden foods by shamelessly devouring decadent rich dark chocolates and other sweets.

Passionate about travelling, the Sagittarian has global taste buds. Foreign cuisine from all over the world is daily food fare for this Jupiterian – try Ugali African bread, Thai fish cakes, and pakoras from India.

Capricorn’s refined tastes play out in a sophisticated palate. Enjoying fine dining, a Capricorn relishes caviar, foie gras, filet mignon, and lobster, accompanied by a nice wine or cocktail. This frugal sign knows how to splurge a bit!

Unconventional and outrageous, the Aquarius has shocking tastes and experiments with outlandish food. Jellyfish salad, ostrich egg omelet, and other untraditional, out-there fare whet the appetite of the individualistic Uranian.

The imaginative Pisces lives in a fantasy world, dreaming of food – elaborate banquets and scrumptious dishes. However, the reality is that they tend to eat light, airy, fresh foods and thus remain ethereally slim.

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