Can dreams grant wishes?


On October 28, 2014

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Can dreams grant wishes?

Keeping a dream diary is not only fun, creative, and an opportunity to get into the habit of daily journaling, it is also very practical. Once you get into the habit of recording your dreams regularly, you will begin to see themes and patterns emerging.

Certain symbols may appear over and over again, encouraging you to explore them further and uncover their meaning for you personally. Although symbols have a meaning on a general level, they apply to each of us individually, depending on our life experience, upbringing, education, culture, and environment. Exploring them can greatly deepen our understanding of ourselves and others, as well as show us our purpose in life. It is a very rewarding process!

Once your dream diary becomes more established and you have been keeping it for some time, you may begin to get a feel for those dreams that have a precognitive element. You will notice they contain content which refers to events in the future. As you develop an ability to read dream energies and sense what they might be telling you, you may notice that some dreams seem to be giving you information that helps alleviate your fears, or they may be warning you about matters that could pose problems further down the line.

A typical dream may contain information about a relationship in which you see your lover in a new light – one that may not be as flattering as you would like. It pays to pay attention to such messages, especially if the feeling accompanying the dream is disturbing or unsettling.

On the other hand, your dream may encourage you to relax concerning potentially stressful issues, as you realize that the outcome is going to be a happy one. Dreams can help you to chill out and stop worrying.

They may also encourage you to step out into the unknown and take a risk. For instance, one of my clients dreamt that she was looking up markets where she could send ideas for a book she wanted to write. She later found herself in the office of a publisher, in a meeting that was going very well. She heard the publisher saying, “OK – I’ll just get that contract drawn up for you, and we’ll take it from there.”

She didn’t need any further encouragement. She began working on a book project that she had been mulling over for the past year, yet had not begun. Shortly after sending out a synopsis of the book she got a call from a publisher who was interested in discussing her idea. Currently, it looks as though she is on track to get that contract as the dream suggested!

Another client dreamt she was dancing and feeling so happy and fulfilled while doing so that she decided to take it up as a form of exercise. It made her feel so good she not only lost a lot of weight, but found herself a new lover, too.

Your dream diary will alert you to the many sparkling opportunities surrounding you that you may not be aware of. Use it interactively to gain information about what is coming up for you, and allow it to guide you on exciting adventures of discovery.

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