The Psychic Diet


On October 17, 2014

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The Psychic Diet

Most weight problems are as much physical as they are mental. People tend to overeat for a variety of psychological reasons, from depression to anxiety to boredom. Getting to the root of these problems is essential to losing weight and keeping it off, because if the initial problem is not resolved, the person will just gain the weight back.

A psychic’s most important ability is to give people insight into who they are and why they are that way. Without these specific abilities the insights a psychic obtains have little meaning. In the case of someone with a weight problem the psychic can help by discovering the place or circumstance of the person’s original inner conflict. By discovering this, the individual can begin to heal their psyche.

After the psychic leads the client back to the time where they lost some control of their weight, were hurt, or had the onset of their anxieties, they can offer support so they don’t have to continue their journey alone. Just understanding that you are not completely disconnected from everything else in the Universe can help a great deal. When a psychic gives someone with a weight problem a vision of a slimmer future they can give them the hope they need to get there.

In the end, few weight lose fads actually keep the weight off because there is a simple formula to weight loss when there isn’t a specific health issue involved, like a thyroid problem. That formula is eating correctly and exercising. Pills and crash diets can provide a quick drop in weight, but diet and exercise is the only tried and true way to keep the weight off.

Even people who are extremely motivated can be lazy about exercise and disconnected from what they put in their bodies. A powerful psychic can draw a person out of their hectic daily life with profound insights and thus get them to see beyond the patterns that they have become slaves to. Few practitioners can get a person to step outside their box, or find a quiet place inside, than a psychic, because they deal with the subtleties – not the overt.

When the client removes themself from the chaos and gets a look at the root of the eating problem, the psychic can direct them toward a balance they have lost. This balance is not independent of the world around us, so the psychic may use astrology or other tools to reconnect the person. Reconnecting through a psychic or other practitioner is the key to finding personal balance, and balance is what keeps the body in shape.

In the case of others with weight issues, the problem is physical and not mental. There is an abnormality with the body’s metabolic function and a medical cure is needed. The problem is this can be very difficult to diagnose because most of the inner working of the body is hidden by our outer skins. So, doctors do tests, much like a car mechanic, hoping to come across the problem.

Many times profound psychics have been able to diagnose causes of health problems that have completely escaped doctors. This is true because the psychic has a completely different approach than modern medicine to obtain this hidden information. Modern medicine perceives our bodies as independent, soft machines, while a psychic is all about understanding that person’s connection to the entire Universe around them. They can read other things outside the body, like the planets, that we reflect on to get deep insight.

Whether it is a mental or physical reason a gifted psychic can help get you back in touch with your body. Once you are in touch with your body it will tell you what it needs to lose weight.

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