Your Weekend Love Horoscope for July 21-23, 2017: Stay Cool, Calm, Connected.


On July 21, 2017

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Your Weekend Love Horoscope for July 21-23, 2017: Stay Cool, Calm, Connected.

Feeling the heat? As the sun enters proud Leo this weekend, passions could boil over for all signs. Whether you release that intensity in the bedroom or in an argument is up to you, but why not choose the fun one? No matter what, the new moon in Leo means there are going to be misunderstandings, so don’t read too deeply into texts. And on Sunday, there will be major moves in your romantic life. Single? Don’t be surprised if you meet and connect with someone, fast. Every sign is eager for the biggest, brightest love—here’s how to get it….

Aries Weekend Love Horoscope
You’ve been feeling overwhelmed this past week, right Rams? Instead of a one-on-one date on Friday night, head out with friends—low-key company is exactly what you need to feel those #weekendvibes. A late-night Moon-Neptune trine makes you want to connect, and post-partying is (for once) the best time to talk feelings, either with your significant other or a newish match. You’re feeling nostalgic all weekend, and sharing childhood memories will bring you closer to the one you’re confiding in. Nurturing your inner child really can help nurture the connections you have to others.

Taurus Weekend Love Horoscope
This weekend, you have the reins, Bulls. On Friday, someone wants to win your favor—make them earn it. As the weekend progresses, the stars say your past will come back. Is it to haunt you or help you? Only you can make that call, begin with a gut check to suss out how you feel before you connect. On Sunday, the Moon-Mars conjunction in fiery Leo is cranking up the heat in your relationship. Go after what you want, and the stars say you’ll get it.

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Gemini Weekend Love Horoscope
You’ve had a rough romantic week, but over-analyzing it will only make things more confusing. Give your partner or date a chance to explain whatever has set you on edge. On Saturday, a Moon-Pluto opposition may make you still feel uneasy. If you’re still on edge, give whatever the issue is a break and hang out with some platonic friends—the planets need some time to settle and you do, too. Single? Schedule a newish date on Sunday, when the stars predict the good kind of fireworks.

Cancer Weekend Love Horoscope
On Friday, the psychic Moon-Neptune trine makes you feel like you know exactly what’s on your love’s or crush’s mind. Use those supersonic senses in bed to take your connection to the next level. Passion peaks as the weekend progresses, and sensitive Crabs may feel caged in. Make sure to schedule time with friends to take the pressure off. Single? Head out on Sunday, either with a new date or solo, and stay open-minded. Who you come with may not be who you head home with—and that’s okay!

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Leo Weekend Love Horoscope
Pack-loving Lions are urged to branch out on Friday, especially if they’re single, when the stars say that you’re likely to meet and connect with someone new. Single or attached, you’re feeling ultra-confident on Saturday, making it the perfect day to go after exactly what you want in love. Attached? A Moon-Mars conjunction in Leo on Sunday makes you feel extra close to your partner. Take that feeling over the edge with plenty of skin-on-skin contact.

Virgo Weekend Love Horoscope
On Friday, you become a sounding board for issues plaguing the person you care about. Don’t worry about fixing them, just listening is key. Don’t be surprised if you wake up feeling emotional on Saturday—instead of getting bogged down, break a sweat, either at the gym or in bed. Endorphins are necessary as passions continue to soar through the weekend. A Moon-Mars conjunction in Leo can create some controversy on Sunday, so if you can, steer clear of any tough conversations until things settle later in the week.

Libra Weekend Love Horoscope
On Friday night, as the moon approaches a trine with dreamy Neptune, your fantasies are on fire. Single? A vision board can help you manifest exactly what you need. Attached? Make one of those fantasies come true—you know how. On Saturday, you may find yourself in an emotionally charged conversation that you’re not quite sure how to navigate. Just tell the truth. Sunday is ultra-stormy. Think twice before speaking and you may want to take a text break as things will be read out of context.

Scorpio Weekend Love Horoscope
You’re feeling ultra-sensitive as the weekend begins. Hiding things will only make it worse. Consider sharing what you’re going through. On Saturday, you’re feeling more like yourself. Unleash pent-up energy by getting out and getting your flirt on. The Moon-Mars conjunction makes you very hard to resist. Flirting (even with your partner) cranks up your confidence and makes you unstoppable come Monday.

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Sagittarius Weekend Love Horoscope
Feeling clingy on Friday night? Capitalize on the feeling with a cozy night at home—cuddling up with a crush can bring things to the next level if you’re single. On Saturday, you’re still feeling a little emotional, thanks to a Moon-Jupiter square, while confession is good for the soul, think before you speak. Sunday is a golden day—ideal for a date or a day trip designed to bring you closer than ever.

Capricorn Weekend Love Horoscope 
A Moon-Neptune trine makes everyone around you super touchy. Ignore the drama and do you. Saturday, emotions clear up, making it an ideal day to get out and do something you’ve been meaning to this summer—it likely involves putting your arms around someone beautiful. Misunderstandings may occur on Sunday; minimize the possibility by keeping gossip (even the stuff about you) close to the chest.

Aquarius Weekend Love Horoscope 
Single? The stars say Friday is an ideal day for collecting valuable intel about your newish date or longtime love. Do some digging online or ask around—you will find some interesting information, and it’s up to you how you use it. The Moon-Uranus square on Saturday stirs up trust issues. It may be a hard day, but the information you find will help you in the long run. On Sunday, passions reach their peak. Let your body lead the way and revel in the physical sensation. Even if you’re mid-disagreement, letting it go for a little while can help you suss out next steps.

Pisces  Weekend Love Horoscope 
Stress has been getting to you, and the stars say the antidote is to get in touch with your fantasies. Even if you don’t act on them, tuning into them is key to finding your balance, and feeling closer to your partner or date. As the Moon trines Neptune, things are finally feeling like they’re on a more even keel. Enjoy it and stop waiting for the other shoe to drop. Also, forget about the real world for awhile. A to-do list can wait, a hot date or a steamy afternoon in bed? Not so much.

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