Your Last Minute Gift Guide for Any Sign on Your List


On December 18, 2017

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Your Last Minute Gift Guide for Any Sign on Your List

Panicking about the holidays? Don’t fear. This last minute gift guide, tailored to Zodiac sign, is your one-stop shop. Best of all, if you order now, all gifts are guaranteed to arrive by December 23! Here, your last-minute Zodiac gift guide!

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Cozy Comfy Sweat Pants
SweatyRocks Pants, $20

On the go Aries love having pants that are simultaneously comfortable and sexy AF. 
Chocolate sauce
Ghiarardelli Squeeze Bottles, $19

Luxury loving bulls will put this chocolate sauce everywhere (yup, even in bed!) and they’ll love you for it. 

Crystal Water Bottle
VitaJuwel Gem Water Bottle, $78 

Yes, this water bottle is pricy, but it’s infused with crystals and your Gemini pals, who are always into things that are a little esoteric, won’t be able to stop using it. 

Travel Pillow
Wrap a Nap Travel Pillow, $25

Sometimes, Cancer really wants to escape the world. Don’t judge. Give them this.

Body Glitter
Unicorn Snot, $15

Think no one needs body glitter? Think again. Everyone loves this, but especially spotlight loving Lions (male or female!)

Succulent Plant Pots
Ceramic Succulent Plant Pots, set of 5, $14

BYOC. That means Bring Your Own Cactus, and earthy Virgos will love this gift.

Vintage tee
t-shirt, Ann Arbor tee company, $17

Literary Libras will love a shirt that nods to books, and this one has options for men and women. 

Wine mugs
Natural wood wine mugs, $20

Wooden mugs give an unexpected twist to wine night, and fit in with Scorpio’s love of nature. 

A functional lunch bag
Made Rugged Lunch Box, $20

Adventurous Sags are practical when it comes to saving $$$, but not just any lunch box will do. This rugged one looks sophisticated and does the job in style. 

Daily Planner
Bloom Daily Planner, $16 

Caps like everything written down, and typing it just doesn’t count.

Fun, Furry Socks
Sock 5 Pack, $20

Quirky Aquarians willl love these whimsical socks—and their comfort-looking personalities will love that their toes are warm and toasty. 
Crystal Bookends

Agate Bookend, $36

Pisces will love these bookends that are equal part whimsical and practical. 

Want 2018 to be the best year ever? Start prepping now with your 2018 horoscope!

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