Your June 2017 Horoscope


On June 1, 2017

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Your June 2017 Horoscope

The temperature’s rising, summer vacation plans are on the calendar, and it’s so tempting to just relax and go with the flow. But hold on! For a summer you love, you’ve got to hang on to control—at least a little bit. And resist the urge to brag or “enhance” your resume—on June 9, a full moon in glib Sagittarius sends a message to stick to the facts and not embellish your accomplishments.  On June 20, the sun moves into the security-minded sign of Cancer, giving you the clarity to change what needs to change, release projects that have been on hold too long, and finally take charge of your bank account and follow up on any money owed to you. Reinforcing this position is a July 23 new moon, which strengthens Cancer’s power. And be on the lookout for new faces—at the end of June, what seems to be a random conversation can open doors previously locked.

Aries June Horoscope
Mark your calendar: Mars enters Cancer on June 4, the ideal time to finally start that home project you’ve been putting on hold. And you’ll want to save the date on June 9, when a full moon provides plenty of social opportunities—including an opportunity to meet a fun potential partner if you’re single. And it’s okay if your priorities seem to shift—people from all over the world are capturing your attention, and those interactions will be more important than whatever is on your schedule. Family and home life become way less stressful during the June 23 new moon; it’s a great time to instigate projects—a renovation, move, late-spring cleaning—that will make you (and your family) a whole lot happier.
Standout Days: 9, 25, 28
Challenging Days: 2, 24

Taurus June Horoscope
You’ve been struggling this past month, but, when Venus enters Taurus on June 6, life will get a lot easier. So reward yourself for getting through May—a massage or facial is the ideal treat—but make sure the service you book is within your budget. The new moon on June 9 brings some stress to your life, but people are making things sound way worse than they actually are. Trust that plenty of good things are going on in the background. Instead of listening to the noise, get outside and explore your neighborhood—try a new café, sit in a nearby park, pop into a local shop, or whatever helps you stay engaged. On June 23, the new moon activates your circle of friends and neighbors—plan a happy hour and mingle!
Standout Days: 1, 3, 20
Challenging Days: 11, 19

Gemini June Horoscope
Work, dinner, Netflix, repeat? Don’t worry, when Mercury enters Gemini on June 6, your routine will shake up in a great way. With the full moon on June 9, love and romance shine bright. Attached? Expect a just-because present, date, or beautiful flower from your partner. Single? You may find yourself awash in opportunities, so clear your calendar and say yes! On June 23, the new moon empowers your financial prospects: An earning opportunity is lucrative and—bonus—keeps you too busy to impulse spend. Consider getting involved in a startup or Kickstarter campaign, it just may pay off.
Standout Days: 13, 20, 29
Challenging Days: 18, 27

Cancer June Horoscope
Have a mile-long to-do list? Don’t worry, the June 9 full moon will give you the motivation to finally get it done. For the next few weeks, resist spontaneous invites and keep your head down—it’ll pay off in the long run. On June 23, the new moon cranks up your ambition. Keep a list to stay on track—otherwise, you’ll get too wrapped up in your own head. On June 28, a Mercury/Mars conjunction in Cancer gives you the skills you need to accomplish something you’ve been putting off for far too long.
Standout Days: 4, 10, 21
Challenging Days: 13, 30

Leo June Horoscope
You’ve been working hard, and now it’s time to play. The June 9 full moon is the perfect excuse to let your inner child free—head to a trampoline park, try a paint and sip class, or go on a long bike ride to nowhere. On June 15, a Sun/Saturn opposition gives you big responsibility at work—don’t worry, you’ve got this. The June 23 new moon brings up some questions about your current romantic state: Take the time to talk it out, it’s worth it.
Standout Days: 3, 18, 21
Challenging Days: 4, 12

Virgo June Horoscope
The June 9 full moon brings lots of family into your life, including far-flung relatives you haven’t heard from in years. It won’t go on for long, so take advantage of the attention and organize that reunion, ask that question, or finally get their addresses for holiday cards. On June 13, the Mercury/Jupiter trine improves your luck and may help you finally get to the bottom of an issue you’ve been facing for months. The June 23 new moon opens up your social life. Say yes to invites and consider hosting a party—it’ll be amazing!
Standout Days: 6, 21, 24
Challenging Days: 18, 29

Libra June Horoscope
For once, everyone in your life is getting along, especially on June 3, when a Sun/Jupiter trine enriches an already agreeable situation or relationship. And a June 9 full moon is pushing you to host a party—all your friends will want to hang out with you on that day. Make it an easy, BYO-Anything situation, or gather the gang at a restaurant or café. Your boss has been watching you carefully, and on June 23, all that hard work will pay off: Expect a conversation about a project or career-advancing move.
Standout Days: 3, 9, 26
Challenging Days: 19, 27

Scorpio June Horoscope
A money misunderstanding could cause you to panic around the June 9 full moon. Take the steps to fix it, but trust that it’s not as big as it appears and will all work out. On June 23, the new moon opens up some doors. At first glance, the opportunities—blind date, job interview, whatever—may sound scary, but it’s so worth it to say yes. And listen carefully to the subtext of what others say: On June 29, a Mercury/Pluto opposition may show someone close to you has a hidden agenda.
Standout Days: 1, 11, 20
Challenging Days: 8, 22

Sagittarius June Horoscope
All eyes are on you, Sags, and the June 9 full moon may bring out some jealous detractors. Let their negative comments roll off your back—their envy is a sign you’re doing something right. When Jupiter goes direct on Libra on June 9, you may find yourself getting a new message on Bumble, having an old partner reach out to you, or noticing your current flame giving you extra attention. Revel in it. On June 23, the new moon gives you the power to cut through confusion and fix an issue that’s been troubling you. Trust your judgment—the bold move you want to make may be the right one.
Standout Days: 3, 13, 20
Challenging Days: 8, 27

Capricorn June Horoscope
Time to ask for PTO on June 9—the full moon urges you to escape all the demands on your time and chill out solo with a new book or playlist at a beach or lake. On June 15, the Sun/Saturn opposition may create a power struggle around you—avoid taking sides to work it to your best advantage. On June 23, the new moon brings love, affection, and adoration—enjoy it and notice the self-esteem boost. Staying mindful can help keep it up in the days ahead.
Standout Days: 1, 19, 24
Challenging Days: 18, 29

Aquarius June Horoscope
Have something on your love-life bucket list? On June 3, the Venus/Uranus conjunction says that love may get wild and crazy—enjoy it! During the full moon on June 9, you’re showered with invites—don’t feel obligated, and choose the ones you actually want to go to. On June 23, the new moon is urging you to practice some self-care, whether it’s going to bed at a decent hour, hitting the gym, or cooking more at home. Keep this up, and you’ll feel great all summer long.
Standout Days: 4, 18, 27
Challenging Days: 2, 25

Pisces  June Horoscope
On June 9, the full moon shines on your career plans; now’s the time to schedule an informational meeting, open that Etsy shop, or finally update your resume. When you use instinct and intuition, you’ll thrive. On June 16, Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces, amplifying your feelings and dreams. It’s an intense time, so make sure to balance it with fun: The June 23 new moon reminds you to enjoy yourself—sip a strange drink at happy hour, get primal in an Animal Flow class, or even rock the rainbow hair trend—you won’t regret embracing your inner unicorn.
Standout Days: 11, 22, 24
Challenging Days: 8, 26

Art by Dorian Legret.
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