Your Guide to the Stars: Planetary Transits for February 12 to February 19


On February 12, 2018

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Your Guide to the Stars: Planetary Transits for February 12 to February 19

This is an intense week. Not only can Valentine’s Day midweek churn up stress, but a partial solar eclipse on Thursday brings change for all signs—whether you’re ready or not. The planets are busy this week, and you may feel like you’re being pulled in different directions. Change is good, and you can’t keep things the same. Going with the flow is key—the more you allow for uncertainty, for changes in direction, and for the possibility of taking a new path, the better you’ll be. Here, planetary transits for the week of February 12 to February 19. 

Chinese New Year is this week. What does the year of the Earth dog have in store for you? Find out with a customized report. 

Monday, February 12
Get Things Done 
The moon is in taskmaster Capricorn, and today is a good day to shore up things you’re certain about. Getting a bit ahead of schedule, locking down Valentine’s RSVP’s, and even looking ahead and planning for the long weekend next weekend will keep you on an even keel this week. Surprises will come up, so it’s best to prep as much as possible, knowing that even the best laid plans can and may go awry. 

Tuesday, February 13
Tell The Truth

A plethora of planetary squares means nothing is straightforward, and you may risk getting caught up in a lie or a mistruth, just by opening your mouth. The most important thing today is to be as above board as possible, and avoid gossipy conversations that may put you in the middle—where you don’t want to be. A Sun-Uranus sextile later in the day can bring up some spontaneous plans—go for them!

Wednesday, February 14
Happy Valentine’s Day!

An Aquarius moon casts an adventurous spell on Valentine’s Day, where passion and excitement are heightened. This may be a year you don’t do the same old dinner and chocolates, and that’s okay. Single? The stars urge you to go out with your friends, mingle, and enjoy the possibilities the evening brings. The more you get out there, the more exciting the day will be. 

Thursday, February 15
Get Ready For New Projects

A partial solar eclipse in Aquarius turns over a new page, whether you’re ready or not. You may feel like endings are happening, which can be disconcerting. It’s key to focus on the new beginnings. Jumping into a project with enthusiasm can spur on your motivation. Today is not a day for fear. 

Friday, February 16
Celebrate Stability

Happy Chinese New Year! This is the year of the earth dog, and this year should usher in calm into our lives. (And who doesn’t need that?) Curious how the year of the Earth dog will play out for you? Download your Chinese zodiac report, which will show you how the year of the earth Dog interacts with your sign. 

Saturday, February 17
Be Cautious 

Mercury enters Pisces, and nothing is as it seems, especially regarding conversations and promises. In addition, Mars in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces, a once a year planetary aspect where, for lack of a better term, the sh*t can hit the fan. Steer clear of scandal, and avoid confrontational situations. You can ride this out.

Sunday, February 18
Trust Your Intuition

The sun enters Pisces, and your intuition may be cranked up. All month, pay close attention to your dreams, which may be giving you valuable intel for your daytime life. Your subconscious has a few messages for you—tap in and listen to them.

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