Things That Will Always Cheer You Up


On March 7, 2017

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Things That Will Always Cheer You Up

We all slip into the doldrums from time to time. What silly, or not so silly, pick-me-up is the go-to for your sign?


Watch an action or thriller movie. The more car chases and explosions, the better.

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Go shopping. You don’t have to buy anything, but you probably will – even if it’s only a bouquet of flowers.

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Try out a new game app. Can you play with friends? All the better.

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Go to the local animal shelter, pet store, or visit a friend with a furry friend and pet your blues away. Better yet: adopt one!

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Call your mother, or someone who likes to mother you. We all have an inner child that needs a hug (even if it’s just virtual) now and then.

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Make a fresh pot of tea and sit down with a favorite book. After some peace and quiet and short escape, look out, world!

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Put on your nicest outfit, or your favorite piece of jewelry. Look at it. Touch it. There are some beautiful things in this world, and some of them are yours.

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Go for a long walk, preferably in the sunshine. You may not want to do it, but when the walls are closing in on you, it’s time to get out.

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Go out to eat with a friend – or three. Share a few new dishes while you dish out the latest gossip.

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Cheer somebody else up. Feed a stray animal. Volunteer. Be active, and be of service.

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Unplug, just for an hour. Walk away from social media, go out and smell the flowers. Look up at the stars.

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Turn up the music. Louder. No, louder! You should be able to swim in the sound. Dance out of your funk.

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