Planetary Aspects for April 16 to April 23: What Does Chiron Have in Store for You?


On April 16, 2018

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Planetary Aspects for April 16 to April 23: What Does Chiron Have in Store for You?

A new moon and Mercury finally going direct may make you feel like there’s a pause in craziness. It can be a great week, but just because things seem to be running more smoothly doesn’t mean challenges don’t remain. Saturn goes retrograde on Tuesday, which may teach you lessons you didn’t realize you had to learn. And an opposition between Jupiter and Venus early in the week may wreak havoc on your wallet. In short, don’t breathe a huge sigh of relief just yet. Here, planetary aspects that affect all signs for April 16 to April 23. 

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Monday, April 16
Turn Over a New Leaf 
A new moon in ambitious Aries makes it an ideal time to go after a goal and get things done. You may feel like a load has been lightened from your shoulders, even though, on the surface, nothing concrete seems to have changed. Enjoy the shift and change in perspective. Life really can be this easy.

Tuesday, April 17
Buckle Up! 

Chiron shifts into Aries after being in Pisces for seven years. This is a brand new cycle, and one where you may feel like you’ve learned a lot, grown a ton, and really confronted emotions head on. It’s a time of healing and growth, and you may feel pretty heady as your body and mind sense the shift. In addition, an opposition between Jupiter and Uranus causes havoc in your financial sector (is it any surprise taxes are due in the United States today?) so hold on tightly to your cash. 

Wednesday, April 18
Get Ready for the Unexpected 
The sun conjunct Uranus and nothing is what it seems. Expect drama, expect outbursts, and embrace chaos. Things will calm down and take comfort that the wild unpredictability of the day will eventually settle. Right now, it’s best for you to just ride the wave where it leads and try not to get too emotionally invested in that which you cannot control. 

Thursday, April 19
Get Your To-Do List Ready 
The sun enters Taurus, which is a prime time to focus on the day to day, make plans, and actually get things done when you say you do. Taurus likes taking things slow and steady, and this season will reward you when you plan, set aside time, and make sure things happen. When you harness Taurus energy, you’re unstoppable! 

Friday, April 20
Cry a Little Bit 

This is one of those days where you don’t feel like your partner — or anyone, really — understands you. Blame Venus and Saturn, who may be making you feel like it’s you against the world. The good news: It’s not. So how will you move forward? Take a big breath, let yourself cry, and share your vulnerabilities. It may make you feel much closer and much, much better than you did in the past. 

Saturday, April 21
Stay In 
It’s an emotional rollercoaster of a weekend, and a Cancer moon encourages you to truly indulge in your feelings. Collapse into a puddle of tears on the floor. Let yourself cry. But don’t do it in isolation. Invite others in, and realize just how magical having other people on your side can be. 

Sunday, April 22
Become a New Person 

When Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn, everyone wins. It’s a great time to grow up, look ahead, and get rid of past projects, plans, and expectations that no longer serve you. It’s a time to forgive yourself, give yourself breaks, and relax. 

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