Newflash: Magic, Astrology and Tarot Isn’t a Trend

By Anna Davies

On January 9, 2018

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Newflash: Magic, Astrology and Tarot Isn’t a Trend

Recently, a spate of mainstream news sites have heralded interest in astrology as a trend. They cite astrology-themed Brooklyn bars, where each month, a new sun sign is celebrated with a cocktail. (Right now, for Capricorn, Mood Ring bar in Brooklyn has a drink called Power Play). They cite Zodiac quizzes on the Internet, an uptick in searches for crystals, and people in positions of power working with intuitive coaches to help them plot their next career move.  

But here’s a bigger newsflash: Millennial pink is a trend. Unicorn frappuccinos are a trend. Astrology, magic, and tarot are a way of life, not only anchored in tradition, but anchored in science.

Take astrology. Used by the ancient Babylonians over 2,000 years ago, astrology and astronomy were intertwined. Looking at the planets was a way to predict seasonal events, and also, as ancient Babylonians found, to predict behaviors, attributes, and interpersonal events. Horoscopes aren’t written “just because.” They’re based on the transits and behaviors of the planets, which follow a predictible (yup, even Mercury in Retrograde is predictable in the total sh*tstorm it creates) pattern—the same pattern they’ve followed for centuries. And while astrology was “invented” by the ancient Babylonians, it took over the whole world. No matter what culture you look at, one thing is clear: Everyone has looked up to the stars for guidance.

It’s the same with Tarot. While many people think of the Rider-Waite deck as standard, using cards to predict patterns and future events may have been used by the ancient Egyptians (some believe trot cards were the only printed material to be saved during the great fire that burned all Egyptian libraries) and were regularly used in Italy in the Middle Ages. Tarot isn’t a trend. It’s been around a long time, and it’s presumably here to stay.

Here’s the thing: Magic is all around us, and all of us are only a few deep breaths or daydreams away from accessing its powers. But in our busy world, where we are all go-go-go, it’s so hard to settle down, listen, and allow the magic swirling around us to whisper in our ear, to talk to us, to guide us. A return to magic—which this “trend” may very well be—are our human hearts, minds, and souls crying out for a deeper connection.

We can have that connection. We do have that connection. We are all made of star dust. We are all a living embodiment of magic and miracles. 

If you came to magic before it was a “trend,” know that you have a seeker’s soul. You’re on a search for miracles, and you believe. That’s the first step! If you’re new, know this—it’s not “new age.” It’s not even “now age.” It’s every age; and the Zodiac, tarot, and astrology are all ropes that connect us back to our ancestors while connecting us to our core being. Magic simply asks you to show up and believe. It’s more than trendy sign-specific cocktails (although they’re delicious!) and more complex than blaming Mercury retrograde when your computer inevitably crashes—which it will. But it also doesn’t require any special skill or knowledge. Magic asks that you stay open, that you learn, that you’re aware, but there aren’t any “requirements” beyond that willingness to believe.

Bottom line: Magic is here to stay. And the more people who realize the profound effects of believing in magic, the better. Whether you’re a practitioner, a novice, or even someone dipping your toe in the water, know we at welcome you with open arms!

We’re here to guide you, to show you how everyday can be a little brighter, a little better, a little more magical. We have strategies for how to cope with everyday life, no special skills required. We’re here every day to provide actionable tips for making the most of your life, no matter what your star sign. Because the magic is real. And it is always real, no matter what news reports say.

Happy believing!

Image by Virginia Mason of Fleeting Connections. 

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