Lucky Charms for a Happier Life


On March 17, 2017

Lucky Charms for a Happier Life

Everyone knows four-leaf clovers are lucky, but there are a bunch of other things that can boost your luck and happiness. Keep one or more of these with you at all times.

  • Acorns help you stay youthful and healthy.


  • Bells are lucky for travel. They might not be appreciated on an airplane, though!

  • Knots bring luck in love – specifically, they bring two lovers closer together.

  • Red peppers, dried and hung, ward off the devil.

  • Unicorns bring justice and fairness.


  • Three keys all stacked together, with no keychains or charms or savings cards in between (and no more or less than three), bring luck in not only love, health and wealth.

  • Carrying or wearing a piece of rose quartz can increase the passion and romance in your life.

  • Items that inspire you are always good to have with you at all times. From a book you love to a special gift to a family heirloom, or even just music that makes you feel amazing, be sure to keep these at hand.

  • Turquoise can help you heal faster, succeed in your goals, ward off negativity, and even attract more of what you want in life.

  • Lions ward off the entrance of evil. No, you don’t need an actual lion – just the symbol works.


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