Just for Fun: Your Exclusive Happy Halloween Horrorscope!

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On October 31, 2017

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Just for Fun: Your Exclusive Happy Halloween Horrorscope!

It’s Halloween. No matter how you’re celebrating (and if you truly want to get into the deeper meaning of the day, you can begin here) it’s also a great day to relax, laugh, and just find the magic in the out of the ordinary. Here, just for fun, some “horrorscopes” to shed light into how your sign truly wants to mark the day. Are you the type to dance ’til dawn in your cat costume or do you prefer snacking your way through your plastic pumpkin? Find out below.

Aries Halloween Horoscope 
Your fiery nature makes you a natural for trying new things. This Halloween season, you will have more than one opportunity to break the mold and shake things up. Love and relationships are the terrain for these changes, and although sometimes you might feel like you’re being offered more tricks than treats, if you persist, you will turn out the winner.

Taurus Halloween Horoscope    
Sensual Taurus, this Halloween, prepare yourself to enjoy an eerily romantic evening with your significant other. Now is the time to put your powerful skills of seduction to work and woo your partner with food, drink, and an atmosphere that invokes the magic and mystery of this special season.

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Gemini Halloween Horoscope    
Gemini, tonight is a night to let your evil twin out to play. Be wicked, be naughty, and even experiment with role playing in the bedroom. This night can lead to some amazing sex if you’re partnered. Single? Remember, nothing that happens on Halloween counts … unless you want it to. 

Cancer Halloween Horoscope
Tonight is a night to go deep, Cancer. Channel the vampire—sensuous, passionate, an old, misunderstood soul—and use that emotion in your evening plans. Think big gestures, think chivalry, and yes, think some neck biting. Enjoy! 

Leo Halloween Horoscope
Leo, you’re always in the spotlight no matter what you wear, so go beyond the basics and think abstract this year. You’ll get more attention as a sparkly mailbox than a blood-dripping ghost, and you may have a lot more fun. Or, for a Halloween costume to truly remember, think in puns—Freudian slip (a slip and some glasses) is a classic for a reason. 

Virgo Halloween Horoscope 
Virgo, this Halloween is all about connection. You may find it so much easier to speak your true thoughts when wearing someone else’s clothes, and may be surprised by what a sensual holiday Halloween can truly be. Don’t hold back and you won’t be sorry. 

Libra Halloween Horoscope 
Tonight is a night your magic—specifically, your powers of charm and seduction—are out in full force. Work them like the magician you are. Who even needs a costume? Choose whatever clothes in your closet speak to you and mix and match your way to a one of a kind Halloween identity.

Scorpio Halloween Horoscope 
Scorpio, you need intensity to feel the excitement of this night, so go to a large costume party and mix with the crowd. When you wear disguises, you tend to drop your inhibitions and become your character, so choose wisely the character you want to be.

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Sagittarius Halloween Horoscope 
For Sags, it’s all about location this Halloween. Who cares about the costume, for you, it’s all about the mood and scene around you. To make the most of it, party hop all over town, and don’t go to bed until November first! 

Capricorn Halloween Horoscope 
Capricorn, you serious Goat, this is the time of the year for you to kick up your heels and have some fun. It doesn’t matter if you go to a party where you know the other people or not, because everyone is wearing a costume. Put on a costume of your own and you may make new friends that bring you cheer all through the year.

Aquarius Halloween Horoscope 
Playful Aquarians love the magic of Halloween as experienced by the knee-high set. Stay home and be the person who gives out the full-size candy bars! You’ll become legendary in your neighborhood, and you’ll have a lot of fun, too. 

Pisces Halloween Horoscope 
Fish, where’s the party? You’re the party! Host a last-minute bash at your casa, have everyone bring a bag of candy, play some Thriller remixes, and dance your costume off. You want to celebrate the day with your one hundred nearest and dearest friends, right?

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