Jupiter/Uranus conjunction luck

By Horoscope.com

On November 10, 2014

In Aspect, Jupiter, Uranus

Jupiter/Uranus conjunction luck

When Jupiter and Uranus form a rare planetary union, or conjunction, excitement and change can and often does happen as they meet in the sky.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and opportunity, joins together with Uranus, the planet of radical change, surprises, and experimentation. Together this combination of big energies promises to offer up plenty of chances for change and new beginnings. Want to make the most of these energies? Read on to explore what you can do to maximize this cosmic combo in your life.

Aries: The Jupiter/Uranus fireworks light up your self-expression and physical appearance. This is be a great time to try a dramatic new look or begin a rigorous exercise program. The results could be both surprising and very rewarding!

Taurus: You may undergo a complete shift around the unconscious patterns and habits that motivate your actions. This Jupiter/Uranus alignment could cause you to wake up to the behaviors that are holding you back from moving forward in life, so make the most of this opportunity to change.

Gemini: Opportunities for new and exciting alliances with friends and community groups could come your way during the time of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. If you have been looking to make changes in your social activities, now is a great time to take the great leap forward.

Cancer: Ready to start a new path in life? With the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, this could be a time of great work-related change for you. Take a risk now and put yourself out there in the world; the results could be extraordinary!

Leo: Adventure beckons as the Jupiter/Uranus alignment highlights travel for you. This is a time to get out in the world and expand your consciousness. You may meet interesting people along the way and have many opportunities to grow and change.

Virgo: This alignment could prove to be revolutionary for you, Virgo, as it affects intimacy, shared resources, and mystery. You may find that many secrets are revealed, setting the stage for you to transform some long-held patterns that could be holding you back.

Libra: Relationships are in the spotlight as the Jupiter/Uranus combo energizes them. You may find yourself drawn to people or experiences that are unusual and offbeat as you look for excitement in your most significant relationships.

Scorpio: Your day-to-day routines may shift in ways that are both exciting and unusual. Try taking a new route to work or doing something different to shake up your regular habits.

Sagittarius: Love and romance could prove to be very exciting right now. This is a great time to live life to the fullest, taking risks and letting yourself follow your passions.

Capricorn: Your home life will probably undergo some changes during this period. This could be a great time to redecorate, making sure to incorporate some new and unusual components into your normal home environment.

Aquarius: Things may get very interesting in your neighborhood, Aquarius. You may discover something or someone entirely new right under your nose, so try and pay extra attention to what might at first seem familiar and routine.

Pisces: Money could seem to come out of nowhere, Pisces. If your cash flow is not coming in as you would like, this is a great time to brainstorm some new and unusual ways to transform your skills into cash.

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