Jupiter Retrograde: Time to Look Inward

By Horoscope.com

On February 28, 2017

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Jupiter Retrograde: Time to Look Inward

In astrology, retrogrades often have a bad reputation. You may here some people asserting that as lucky planet Jupiter moves backward, we are in for a period of bad luck. But that’s not true at all. Actually, the truth is far from that.
What really happens when Jupiter is in a retrograde cycle is that all kinds of external energies that are usually at play around us – energies that put our focus outward, on other things – and cleared so that we can focus more internally on our own personal needs, wishes, desires, and use this time to analyze what is really within us (often, things we have been repressing).
Part of it is about letting go. When Jupiter is retrograde, certain things that you have become attached to will, or should, be eliminated or become much less important. These endings or changes must happen in order to allow you to follow a better path to your true destiny.
Another key lesson Jupiter retrograde teaches us is that the reality is, we cannot assume that luck just happens to us. We usually make our own luck, or at least help it along. We must use our own mental and physical powers to make things happen. One cannot sit idle and wait for good things to happen. We must manifest our dreams into reality by taking steps toward fulfilling them.
Jupiter Retrograde in Libra
This year´s Jupiter retrograde, which starts February 5th and ends June 9th, is extremely promising for all signs! In general, you can expect to experience greater happiness, personal growth and unexpected revelations related to work, travel, education and love. You will find luck in areas you don’t usually have luck in.
This Jupiter retrograde can help you make big leaps forward in your life no matter what your hopes or future dreams are. As the lucky giant moves backward, turn your attention inward and expand yourself emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. You should use this time to conceptualize what you need to be a better version of YOU!


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