Every Sign's Weekend Love Horoscope for October 6-8, 2017: Take Care of Your Heart

By Virginia Mason

On October 6, 2017

In Astrology, Date, Romance

Every Sign's Weekend Love Horoscope for October 6-8, 2017: Take Care of Your Heart

The energy of Thursday’s harvest full moon in Aries is still rippling through us. The Aries moon thrust huge change upon our lives as love, money, sex, and action became even more entangled than usual. Your romantic history and communication issues are at the heart of almost any conflict right now, and this weekend is designed to help you think and process. A Taurus moon brings stability, and Sunday gives you a day of rest as the moon sends healing energy to Mars and Venus and goes void for 12 whole hours. Save your apologies and worries for another day. Give yourself time to reflect and reset.

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Aries Weekend Love Horoscope
The Aries full moon shined its light on major challenges throughout your life. It challenged the sun, Mercury, Venus, and your ruler Mars, bringing conflict into your love life. Your fear of losing yourself in love and feeling shackled is preventing you from being a loving partner. You’re likely to interpret any partner’s desires and needs as burdens right now, and you struggle to communicate your feelings authentically. Instead of voicing your concerns in a way that takes responsibility for how you feel, you lash out and invalidate your partner’s perspective. Can you learn to communicate your feelings in a way that fosters love and harmony? Take responsibility now and prepare to make any amends necessary.

Love Lesson: Learn to be honest about your feelings without attacking and blaming the people you love.

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Taurus Weekend Love Horoscope
The Taurus moon trines Pluto to help bring change into your life. You often think that there isn’t enough space to be yourself, but there is. You’ve just been keeping yourself small. In love, this has resulted in you prioritizing any partner’s needs over your own. You haven’t been able to ask for what you truly want because you’ve been too afraid that you won’t get it. You realize now how this has resulted in an incredible imbalance in your relationships—your partners seem to get everything they want, and you feel left with nothing. It’s time to release the fear that you don’t deserve the things you want and be honest in your relationships. Express yourself on Sunday. Only then will you know how good or bad the partnership is.

Love Lesson: You learn whether someone can give you what you want by asking for it.
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Gemini Weekend Love Horoscope
Mercury conjuncts the sun and leaves you doubting yourself in love. You’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the ways that you’ve allowed yourself to get hurt. You’ve been thinking about how the people you’ve chosen haven’t been right for you and how you can choose differently. Now, you’re wondering if on top of that, you weren’t a very good partner. Take a breath. Make sure you aren’t being too hard on yourself. Make sure you aren’t simply replaying old stories about how you’re the worst. I promise that you are not. None of us is perfect. Each and every one of us fails to meet our own expectations of ourselves. We do our best. We make mistakes. We keep going. 

Love Lesson: Forgive yourself for the times you weren’t the partner you wanted to be.
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Cancer Weekend Love Horoscope
It’s a rocky start to the weekend as the moon conjuncts Uranus and inconjuncts Venus and Mars. This energy is a continuation of last weekend’s woes. You’re learning how to balance feeling free with being a good partner. You hate conflict, and you love to please the people around you. This has resulted in a lot of unnecessary self sacrifice. It’s time to honor your needs. You can’t give too much to other people or you’ll have nothing left for yourself. Find the right balance. This whole month is helping you get there, and on Sunday, the moon works with Venus and Mars to give you a taste of what this balance will look like going forward.

Love Lesson: Love doesn’t complete you. Love brings two independent wholes together.

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Leo Weekend Love Horoscope
Pick your pride up off its pedestal and place it on the ground. The sun and Mercury are meeting in Libra to teach you about your ego’s role in partnerships. You are loving, generous, and loyal, but when it comes to the finer points of love, you often miss the point. Would you still love someone if they didn’t fit the part? If they didn’t offer you the looks and the cash and the ego-stroking you desire? You love being in love. You love the fireworks, and man, do you love the attention; but attention is not the same as love. Love is about truly seeing people for who they are. Commitment is about continuing to love someone even as life and time changes them. The fireworks and glamour may pass, and if they do, will you still be around?

Love Lesson: The most loving, intimate moments are often the quietest and least dramatic.

Passion Prediction:   
Virgo Weekend Love Horoscope
Mars and Venus come together full force in your sign, and you just want to love and make love. But that annoying little voice inside you is telling you that you aren’t enough for your lover. That’s why they never stay. That’s why you’re alone. That’s why you aren’t getting what you want right now. But heading down the self-deprecation spiral is actually your way of being selfish. Why not make the most of it? Get into bed and ask your partner to give you exactly what you want. Let yourself be as selfish as you want in your requests, and see what happens.

Love Lesson: Sometimes a little selfishness isn’t so bad.

Passion Prediction:    
Libra Weekend Love Horoscope
It’s almost as if the world revolves around you. The sun and Mercury conjunct in Libra, and your natural wavelength is rippling through everyone’s minds. This Friday and Saturday, you’re bound to make an impression on anyone you meet, leaving them wondering about you on Sunday. Enjoy this without letting it go to your head. Go out and meet people. Have fun, but be prepared for the moon to bring some unexpected conflict into your life and into the bedroom. You’re quite magnetic, but people may not be seeing you clearly for who you are. Illusion is likely, but as long as you don’t take people’s words too seriously, you’ll do just fine.

Love Lesson: At the end of the day, even the most precious relationships reach their end, so enjoy what you have rather than fearing its ending.

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Scorpio Weekend Love Horoscope
Romance dominates your mind as your ruler Mars conjuncts Venus. You ooze sex even more than usual, and your drive is turned on high. But there’s a shadow to this hypersexual energy. Venus and Mars are challenged by Chiron, Saturn, and the moon. You may be relying on your sexual prowess to mask insecurities. Sexual attention is not the same as love, but it’s easy to fall into the trap of substituting one for the other. If you’re single, going out and getting laid will only momentarily make you feel wanted. If you’re partnered, be careful not to attach too much significance to your sexual relationship. Yes, it’s important, but just because your partner has a moment when they’re not in the mood, doesn’t mean that they’ve stopped loving you. 

Love Lesson: Be careful not to conflate love and sex.

Passion Prediction:  
Sagittarius Weekend Love Horoscope
Saturn, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Chiron, and the moon are all working together to continue to teach you something new about love. While the Mars/Venus conjunction fuels passions, you may actually find yourself avoiding romance. That’s because it’s the source of so many painful memories that you’re busy processing. You may have almost convinced yourself that you’re fine, and what’s in the past is in the past—but right now, you just can’t shake the pain. You may be having more nightmares, and you generally feel trapped in your discomfort. Remember that this feeling is fleeting and is part of the larger whole of your life. Don’t let it consume you, and be grateful that tensions are bound to ease some on Sunday, especially if you take the time for yourself that you deserve.

Love Lesson: Like everything, this too shall pass.

Passion Prediction: 
Capricorn Weekend Love Horoscope 
Uranus supports your ruler Saturn while Mars and Venus challenge it. In other words, romance and partnership challenge you while staying alone is comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with easy and comfortable, and often, the best choice is to be alone. But if you’re choosing to take space from romance, make sure that you aren’t doing it from a place of fear. Right now, Saturn is digging up a lot of old hurts and using romance to bring these to your attention so you can heal them. Tune into whatever it is that makes you want to avoid commitment. If you can lean into the discomfort and trust that it has something to teach you, then you’re bound to grow, and your love is likely to strengthen.

Love Lesson: Love is a practice—a way of being—not just a feeling.

Passion Prediction:  
Aquarius Weekend Love Horoscope 
As the moon conjuncts Uranus, you’ll start the weekend feeling independent and free. You like it that way, but your allegiance to this feeling challenges your ability to maintain a stable relationship. Think back. Can you see how your shifting priorities and desire for personal space has contributed to your relationships? There’s nothing wrong with doing things differently. The trick in love is finding the person who is comfortable and accepting of your visionary ways and need for independence. You’re likely to be most satisfied in nontraditional romantic arrangements. Make sure to follow your own rules in love and not feel boxed in by society’s expectations. You’re likely to find that you can feel this free together as you can alone.

Love Lesson: Don’t compare your relationship to other people’s relationships.

Passion Prediction:  
Pisces  Weekend Love Horoscope 
Don’t believe everything you think. Your opinion about yourself is likely to lead you astray right now, but romance is offering you new experiences that challenge this perspective. Take special note of how romance is making you feel about yourself. Pluto and the moon are rooting for you to change these misperceptions. You’re starting to see how so many of your woes are simply in your mind. With Neptune as your ruler, you can be more deeply connected to the truth of the world than anyone else, but the flip side is that you can just as easily lose touch with reality and believe false impressions. It’s these illusions that have been giving you so much grief and invading your sense of wellbeing. They’ve also prevented you from letting in the love that is very much in your life. Look around. It’s everywhere.

Love Lesson: Let love in.

Passion Prediction:  

Virginia is a Brooklyn-based Reiki Master and psychic healer dedicated to expanding people’s understanding of what’s possible. She offers private readings, coaching, healing, and more through her company, Fleeting Connections.

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