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On November 10, 2014

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ESP By Sign

Extrasensory Perception, or ESP, is the ability to understand beyond the limits of the normal five senses using a “sixth sense.” People who have ESP are not limited by the basic senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. Every person has a sixth sense. You can develop your own by using divination as a tool to channel your gut feelings, intuition, and other ways of “knowing.” The techniques of divination date back to ancient times.

Many forms of divination can be specifically related to the twelve signs of the Zodiac. These divination methods represent different aspects of the character and nature of people who are born under them. By matching your Zodiac Sign to the proper divining technique, you can discover the most natural way for you to develop your ESP skills for precognition: the ability to gaze into the future.

Pyromancy is a form of divination where the diviner reads or sees messages in flames. As the first Fire Sign in the Zodiac, Aries loves fire and so will excel at this bold way to tell the future. Candle-gazing, fireplace scrying, and bonfire divination are all ways for Aries to develop ESP. By nature, Aries natives are drawn to gaze into the crest of the flame.

Earthy Taurus loves to touch, so palm reading is a natural way for this sign to gather intuitive information and insight. The physical feel of the hand helps to ground Taurus and allows him or her to “read” the lines of the palm using the sixth-sense capabilities. Once the palm is examined, Taurus has the innate ability to bring it all together in a connected view of the past and future.

Gemini’s natural duality always strives to bring both sides of the personality together in harmony. This sign is particularly good at doing this through the written word because natives love to read books, so bibliomancy is an appropriate choice. The outcome of allowing ESP to lead a Gemini to a page and verse by simply opening a book can often give deep insight into hidden meanings and precognition of the future.

Cancer is the sign of home and family, so what better way for this sign to develop ESP than by reading the energetic imprint that homes emit? Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of understanding the environments in which we live, and it gives Cancer the tools to share precognitive abilities with others. Place the Cancer in almost any space, and his or her ESP will go to work.

Leo is all about the self and tends to be larger than life, loving drama and performance. Channeling spirits is a bold form of ESP in which you open to your higher self so another spirit can communicate through you. This spirit comes and goes, but it is still all about the Leo as he or she acts out communications from the beyond.

Virgo, earthy and health-oriented, loves a tangible tool, such as reading tea leaves, to guide ESP. The different positions in which tea leaves are left after the liquid tea is poured out is unique to every reading. The earthy Virgo uses ESP to read this configuration and foretell the future. Tea leaves are not only healthy but also are a great way to reduce, reuse, and recycle, things that this eco-oriented sign loves.

As the artist of the Zodiac, Libra thrives on the visual beauty and images of the Tarot. The Libra’s artistic eye can also find hidden meaning in the spaces between what is painted on Tarot cards. Libra naturally picks up details others might not see in the cards and uses sometimes profound abilities of ESP to receive images of precognition. Librans can see when others are just looking.

The Scorpio is so passionate and intent that channeling only one spirit may not be enough. As a medium, the entire realm of the deceased is open to the Scorpio. This is perfect because Scorpio natives have little fear and even relish the ability of being a go-between for the living and the dead.

Sagittarius is known for a broad viewpoint and ability to envision the future. This makes Sag a natural at clairvoyance, or “clear sight,” the form of divination where one can actually “see” information or the future. Sagittarian optimism supports this visionary divination tool and creates a pathway to the future.

Capricorn loves order and logical systems, so gathering intuitive information with numbers – as in with numerology – is a perfect fit for this practical sign. Numerology allows Capricorn to develop ESP through a practical system that has a long history of success, supporting Capricorn’s down-to-earth and traditional nature.

As the sign that rules astrology, space, and the future, Aquarians are natural astrologers. They are born with their heads in the stars. Using the stars and planets as tools, Aquarius is able to see the past and forecast the future by gathering intuitive guidance from the movements of the galaxy. Once an Aquarius has the proper information, he or she always sees things clearly.

Scrying is the art of divining through water by noticing its subtlest movements. Divining the past and future through water comes as naturally to the Pisces as swimming in water does for this sign’s Zodiac symbol, the Fish. Water, the medium through which all life is born, speaks to Pisces in a very special way.

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