Be the Perfect Bride


On November 10, 2014

Be the Perfect Bride

Wedding bells are ringing in your head, and the day you will walk down the aisle is fast approaching! Soon you will be promoted from girlfriend to wife. Here are some tips for each Sun Sign to help you be a beautiful and happy bride.

Aries: As perfect as your marital vision may be, take care not to be so personally in charge of the details that minor changes take you out of the moment on your special day. Delegate control to someone you trust and then relax and go with the flow.

Taurus: No wedding is too lavish for the Taurus bride! But if fulfilling all your potential dreams is out of the budget, focus on the food. A little gourmet treat for the guests means they won’t notice if you had to economize on simpler decorations.

Gemini: You have so many great ideas for your wedding that making them all come together may seem impossible as the date nears. Don’t stretch yourself too thin. Make decisions early on by trusting the advice and help of a more grounded friend or relative.

Cancer: The wedding is just one day for the Cancer bride, but the memories can be cherished forever! Record everything from video well-wishes to poetry and toasts so you can make a tradition of reviewing those precious moments on your anniversary.

Leo: The Leo bride’s wedding is her special day, and all eyes should be on her. Invest in the dress and make sure you’re the center of attention during both the ceremony and the reception. If people don’t like it your way, remind them gently that it’s your wedding, after all!

Virgo: The Virgo bride’s perfectionism can get her so wrapped up in smoothing out the details that she forgets to enjoy the love she shares with her new spouse. Hiring a wedding planner with impeccable recommendations may be a lifesaver.

Libra: Can’t think of a way to please everyone in both families? If you’re divided about how to do things, a Libra bride may be better off planning two smaller weddings or very separate wedding and reception. That way, you can have your wedding cake and eat it, too.

Scorpio: Pay for a few high-quality staff to help with your wedding catering, decorating, and everything else. Frustration with a poor job will make you too angry to enjoy the beautiful day. Don’t worry about inviting people that you don’t really like, either.

Sagittarius: A destination wedding is ideal for the Sagittarius bride, but if it isn’t affordable or practical, give your wedding day a travel twist. Provide an opportunity for guests to contribute to an amazing, romantic honeymoon trip for just the two of you.

Capricorn: A capable planner, the Capricorn bride can plan her own wedding. Your only big worry may be getting all those extremely different people to get along together in the same room. Have a little more faith in your loved ones, and make a photo album for the funny memories.

Aquarius: An Aquarius bride may be completely torn between having traditional wedding moments and going completely eccentric with unusual twists. Go with what has worked for other people for most things and save the strange new traditions for after the wedding!

Pisces: Your wedding will be interesting, unique, and memorable, but more people doesn’t mean more memories! Whittle down your guest list to only the people you know will cherish being a part of your special day for the rest of their lives.

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