Aquarius Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


On February 28, 2017

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Aquarius Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Crystal Guardian Angel 
Your Aquarius is always there for you, so give them an angel to watch over them. If it’s hung in sunlight, it creates rainbows, too! Choose their birthstone (garnet for January pictured) or their favorite color. 


Get it on Amazon for $14.99 
Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds 
Whether your genius Water Bearer wants to block out noise at work or have musical inspiration, this gift will be much appreciated. 


Get it on Amazon for $37.99 
Intellectual Foreplay: A Book of Questions for Lovers and Lovers-to-Be 
This is a journal you write in together… first, you’ll stimulate your Aquarius’ mind, then inevitably other body parts… 


Get it on Amazon for $12.31 
Love Reiki Energy Candle 
Set a romantic mood and increase the passion in your relationship – and your Aquarius’ private life – with this special candle. 


Get it on Amazon for $16.01

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