Numerological Portrait: 22

If your Life-Path number is TWENTY-TWO, yours is the highest and most powerful number there is. A Master Vibration number of TWENTY-TWO is quite rare and this path can be the most difficult to live up to and fulfill.

TWENTY-TWOS are endowed with many powers and can reach most any height. They are often referred to as the ‘Master Builders’ as the efforts of people with this Life-Path are almost always enjoyed by all. TWENTY-TWOS are movers and shakers. They’re the leaders and role models in our society.

An education is almost always an essential tool for the TWENTY-TWO to fully realize their potential. Armed with this, there are no limits to what will be created. While idealistic, these personalities are grounded in practicality. Not only is there great understanding of most things, the ability to apply this knowledge in a useful way is predominant. Key words/qualities associated with a TWENTY-TWO Life-Path are large endeavors, powerful force leadership and the master builder.

The life purpose for a TWENTY-TWO is to create higher good through material achievement and the practical application of knowledge for the betterment of all. Challenges can exist in two main ways. The first is in accepting the path and it’s enormity and the second is exercising the ability to control emotions. The TWENTY-TWO is largely here for the greater humankind however, humanness encompasses emotions and the same basic needs we all have. Humbleness and balance are key contributors to this powerful path.

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