Mayan Sign: Grass

You are Grass (or Road), the twelfth Day Sign of Mayan astrology. You are very adaptable, cooperative, and ready to lend a hand to those in need. However, expressing your feelings can be hard for you, so you tend to keep them inside. You may take a while to start working on a project or toward a goal, but once you get the ball rolling, you work hard to achieve it. You live life on your own schedule and terms. Some of your greatest strengths are your caring, nurturing personality and your ability to keep your emotions in check. Regular self-improvement is an important thing for you, and you're an expert problem-solver who others admire.
Alt Name: Road
Mayan Name: Eb
Signifiance: Resolution
Direction: South
Gem: Malachite
Color: Yellow
Friend: Reed
Foe: Wind
Rigorous, Adaptable, Regardful.
Heidi Klum - June 1, 1973
Ryan Reynolds - October 23, 1976
Reserved, Introverted.
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