Chinese Sign: Horse

The popular and active Horse is the seventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac. These natives are independent and cheerful types who genuinely enjoy people. They can also be quite headstrong and when angry and are apt to act without thinking things through.

These are the natural salespeople of the Chinese Zodiac. Their upbeat and physically magnetic nature combines with a love of thinking up new ideas. They love to help anyone and anything to get ahead, including themselves. Horses will do a good job. They want to succeed. Never underestimate a Horse native's power of persuasion.

In love, the Horse can be a heartbreaker. They are easily attracted and may manipulate or flirt in a way that is most seductive. Unfortunately, some Horses prefer to play and value freedom above commitment. A Horse must be mature to marry successfully.

This is a person who likes to have fun. Horses need physical activity and lots of variety. They are flexible people who do well with sudden changes and shifts of direction. People who like them must expect the same.

Horse has a large circle of friends but, ultimately, they walk alone. A Horse is going to follow their own path, running free ahead of the herd.
Magnetic, vivacious, witty, independent, cheerful, refined, enduring.
Anxious, rude, selfish, volatile, impatient, vain, reckless.
Yearly Elements
01/25/1906 to 02/12/1907 - FIRE
02/11/1918 to 01/31/1919 - EARTH
01/30/1930 to 02/16/1931 - METAL
02/15/1942 to 02/04/1943 - WATER
02/03/1954 to 01/23/1955 - WOOD
01/21/1966 to 02/08/1967 - FIRE
02/07/1978 to 01/27/1979 - EARTH
01/27/1990 to 02/14/1991 - METAL
02/12/2002 to 01/31/2003 - WATER
01/31/2014 to 02/18/2015 - WOOD
02/17/2026 to 02/05/2027 - FIRE

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