Taurus 2016 Horoscope

2016 is the year for big, important changes, Taurus. You can reinvent yourself from the ground up if you so choose.

People will see you differently this year, even if you change nothing. Be adaptable but firm, and be happy with yourself.

March and April brings you some new people, and perhaps a shift in personal tastes and opinions. Keep what you like and shrug off the rest.

A Mercury retrograde in Taurus in April and May lets you make any corrections that feel right.

Radical changes may not be needed, though. You'll see what works for you. In August and September this will be clear.

Strong emotional bonds and karmic connections will keep you in touch with the right people, doing the right things. Don't get over-ambitious, and prioritize your health. People love you.

2016 seems custom-built for Taurus, when you can do things at your own speed and make adjustments until you're more comfortable with your life.
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Novelty and excitement will find its way into your love life in 2016, Taurus. Think of it as romantic fresh air between you and your partner. Nothing major has to come or go, but the details and settings of daily life may seem brighter and happier.

You both may have been wanting a bit more fun on a daily basis. Starting in the early spring, Venus and Uranus will inspire this to happen. Look forward to more little pleasant surprises and token gifts or gestures. Anticipate more senseless acts of beauty. And remember to give back, too.

Even without a big vacation, you may want more quality romantic time in August and September. Go somewhere special to you both (or stay home and do something equally special).

Partnership issues may get more serious in November and December. The two of you may take on some important cause or joint project and find that you've bonded all the more closely. It's a powerful and intimate year.
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Love is all around you in 2016, Taurus, but not in the usual places. This can expand your social horizons and widen your world.

In February and March, you could meet someone interested in spirituality or in the more elevated cultural arts. No one is being a snob or guru wannabe, as the interest is real. See what you think, and give it all a chance. Neptune is strong now, though, so be smart, too.

A splash of romantic excitement comes in April when Venus and Uranus are together in Aries. By the end of June you'll be on firmer, more familiar dating ground. This does not mean boring people, however.

Another fling or a more assertive love prospect may appear in September. With the Lunar North Node involved, this could be karmic. You know how to stand your ground, though, and you deserve to be comfortable and happy, too.

December is all about calm and comfort, so enjoy each day to the fullest. 2016 is a stimulating year!
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If you saw a career change last year, your work situation should solidify now. Regardless, 2016 has opportunities for more stability in work and finances.

Make lucky breaks for yourself simply by persisting, by showing up when others are less reliable, and by having your good work recognized more often. You will be in the limelight in the workplace throughout 2016. Do your best and shine.

Make necessary improvements at home and proudly invite co-workers and others to your home if the occasion arises. This is most likely to happen in autumn, when Jupiter and the Lunar North Node may bring you an unprecedented opportunity.

An event in late August may set in motion an opportunity that will finally open a door for you in December. Be willing to take on more important work and you can acquire more authority and profit in the coming year.
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