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The surprising benefit of jumping...
Posted by Liona Shiner on March 15, 2016
Bet you didn't know that you can strengthen your leg bones with stress. It's true! Your bones are living tissue, and research shows that your skeleton needs (safe) impact to stay strong - pretty important as you age.

What's more, most people don't get enough of that good type of stress. Walking doesn't cut it, but jumping does. Try this every day for improved hip-bone density. Jump 20 times as high as you can, resting for 30 seconds after each jump.

Want to feel like a kid again? Grab some friends and two jump ropes and play Double Dutch. Watch "Double Dutch Divas" on YouTube for inspiration!
Posted on September 26, 2016
Tori Amos is a classically trained singer and songwriter who won a full scholarship to the Peabody... More »
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Posted on September 21, 2016
I went on a date last night and for the first time ever, my date called me out on constantly... More »
Beauty & Style
Posted on September 21, 2016
It isn't surprising that golden-yellow saffron, the world's costliest spice, is associated with Leo... More »
Your Sign Rocks
Posted on September 19, 2016
Lions have so many qualities to brag about it is hard to pick. When I think about our sign, I am... More »
Beauty & Style
Posted on September 16, 2016
For the king of beasts, your home is your castle - or should that be den? It has to be large and... More »
Love & Sex
Posted on September 14, 2016
Leo is one of the Zodiac's most affectionate signs. You love to be in love - you need to be in love... More »
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