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Work & Money
How to meet your professional destiny, to be a Scorpio boss...
Posted by Lola Stinger on November 9, 2016
When it comes to climbing the organizational ladder, your Sun Sign not only comes in handy, it puts you in a more than fortunate position.

Immensely determined and tenacious, you don't do things half way and you don't rest or feel at ease unless you attain your goal. And what does this make you? A boss! Not there quite yet?

These 4 steps can help you get there. Oh, and you will.

1. Act like a boss: Convince everyone you don't need the "title" to do such a good job. You are already doing it!

2. Be proactive: Not waiting for orders and always being ahead will differentiate you from the rest.

3. Always be a team player: Start building the respect you would have if you were a boss and carry it on for your next position.

4. Volunteer to take on more responsibility: Show you can take on more than what you've already got on your plate. In case your direct boss leaves, you're already half way there!
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