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Beauty & Style
Aries blood runs hot - how to use that to your benefit...
Posted by Connor Ramsey on March 2, 2016
Because your sign tends to run hot, metaphorically and in everyday life, you need a style that lets you breathe. You may tend toward tighter-fitting clothing to show off that hot bod of yours.

But choosing fabrics that breathe with you, or wick away perspiration, will help you stay comfy in any situation. And you need not sacrifice comfort for style.

To express your sensual style but still be work-appropriate, try a warm color under a conservative suit to lend a pop of color, or bring the heat by adding an ethnic necklace, scarf or cuff bracelet.

Your personality can shine through, if you're willing to do this in subtler ways. Less can definitely be more with a strong personality like yours!
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