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Were you born on a leap day? You are a special Pisces…
Posted by Dalia Fisher on March 4, 2016
If you were born on a leap day, that means you have unique abilities that make you a special Pisces. Believed to be a magical day, the purpose of a leap day is to help the Earth get in sync with the seasons.

In astrology, an individual born on this day is the an aviator in the clouds, a person who is observant enough to bring the gift of superior perspective.

Barely on the cusp between Aquarius and Pisces, you might tap into the best qualities both signs have: intuitive, artistic, visionary and illusionary.

All females, but especially the ones born on this day, can take their romantic destiny in their own hands. Leap Day is the only day in which women are encouraged to propose to their men.

Because this day actually only happens every 4 years, you make the best of it and no one would dare to miss it!
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