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Leo, your mane must be as majestic as you are…
Posted by Liona Shiner on March 8, 2016
What's not to like about being a Leo woman? Exuberant and glorious, we love being noticed and admired. All Leo ladies deserve a regal mane, just like the majestic Lion.

• If you have curly hair, don´t make the mistake of straightening it. You don't want to look like every other girl, do you?! Let it get big and wild and be proud of it!

• If you have straight hair, cut in in layers to give it a lot of body, like JLo, Mila Kunis and Cara Delevigne do.

• If you like your hair short, definitely avoid the old-lady-helmet look and get a cut that is elegant but also modern. Get inspired by Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron.
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