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Your Sign Rocks
It’s true, there’s no sign sexier than Aquarius! Here’s why...
Posted by Wade Waverly on March 4, 2016
Scorpio, Taurus, and Leo think they are sexiest, but they are oh so wrong! Turns out, Aquarius has the most enduring sex-appeal. Of all the signs, Water Bearers stay alluring and attractive long after the honeymoon phase.

Why? Because we are so innovative. We are always changing it up to stay fresh. And just think about it... couples who grow bored of each other aren’t as busy in bed. Lust and passion fuel sexuality... and keeping it new, exciting, and unexpected fan the flames of desire.

Aquarians keep the fire of passion burning bright. We are simply too hot and magnetic to ever lose our sparkle... or the spark in any love affair we are truly invested in.
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