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How your Chinese Zodiac affects your Taurus Sun Sign...
Posted by Devin Bullock on March 4, 2016
It’s a playful Fire Monkey year! When you combine your Sun Sign with your Chinese Zodiac animal sign, you get a unique personality profile, Taurus!

Taurus & Rat: The Great Defender. You’re strong and brave yet intellectual and romantic. You guard the things you love most.
Taurus & Ox: Force to be Reckoned With. Your power and ambition is grand, to the extreme.
Taurus & Tiger: Savvy Ruler. You know what you want – and what others should want – and know how to make it happen.
Taurus & Rabbit: Silent Star. You stay behind the scenes, but have great power and ambition.
Taurus & Dragon: Subtle Standout. You don’t have to say much – your actions garner you tons of attention and respect.
Taurus & Snake: Perfect Balance. This combination of signs is ideal and all your best qualities shine as brightly as possible.
Taurus & Horse: Passion Personified. You’re the most passionate and aggressive of all these combos.
Taurus & Goat/Sheep: Dreamer Doer. You daydream a lot, but then put these ideas into magnificent actions.
Taurus & Monkey: Most Talented. You’re genius-level at your chosen pursuits!
Taurus & Rooster: The Hero. You’re out to save the world, or at least your community.
Taurus & Dog: Humble Achiever. You’re envious of others’ success... but that’s silly because you’re the envy of most other signs!
Taurus & Pig: Beauty and Brains. You’re one of those people who always seems put together, and most days you are!

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