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Are you only half Crab? Then you are…
Posted by Mary Clawford on February 25, 2016
Let's face it, not all Cancer natives are super domestic and caring… I definitely am, but I do know some Crabs that are far from being the root kind.

Crabs born on the cusp, between June 17 and 23, have the eloquence and lighthearted personality of the Twins. Often called magical human beings, they are fun and very smart but also affectionate and nurturing. But they can also show signs of extreme moodiness and emotions. After all, they are still crabby!

Crabs born on the cusp, between July 19 and 25, have the melodramatic personality of the Lion. Combining watery emotions with a fiery personality can end up being a recipe for disaster. But mostly, these individuals end up being very successful at all sorts of creative endeavors once they learn how to control their deep emotions.
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