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If you are one of those quiet Leos, you are half Leo, half…
Posted by Liona Shiner on February 29, 2016
Leo is by far the most the most extroverted sign. Have you ever met a Leo that isn't so bubbly and as social as most of us? The reason behind this could be that they were born on the cusp, closer to shy Cancer or serious Virgo. Booooring…. J/K (semi).

Leos born on the Cancer cusp could be the drama-queen type, combining the sensitivity of the Crab with the neediness of the Lion. Incredibly creative, if these folks manage to channel their energy correctly, they could easily end up with a tony or an Oscar for their amazing work.

Leos born on the Virgo cusp are passionate, focused and hard workers. Because Earth and Fire are not compatible elements, this is a dicey combination. Therefore, these individuals tend to lean either towards the social and exuberant life, or instead, a quieter and more down-to-earth type of lifestyle.
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