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Ram, unlock your Martian power with this ritual…
Posted by Connor Ramsey on January 4, 2017
The planet of action, Mars is the ruler of Aries. Whenever life doesn't seem to be going our way at all, we might not be vibrating to a frequency compatible with our ruler. A day ritual can help. Take note, Ram!

On a Tuesday morning, within the first hour after sunrise, light a stick of red sandalwood incense to attune to Mars' vibration. Meditate on what's been going wrong in your life and visualize it figuring itself out in as many different ways as you can think of.

To keep this vibration present throughout the day, act accordingly! The next step on attuning ourselves to this Martian energy is taking action. Do something about it or make an important step towards your wish… then, that power will be unlocked!
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