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Dating another Ram? You better read this…
Posted by Connor Ramsey on February 3, 2016
A few days back, I met an extremely hot gal. I liked her immediately. After we spoke for about an hour, I asked her what was her sign. She said she was an Aries. I was speechless. I've never dated a Ram before! When I got home, I immediately searched our compatibility. What I found, stunned me

The pros:
Fire & Fire: Spontaneity, excitement and passion will fill an Aries-Aries love affair.
• An enthusiastic relationship: A life of adventure, newness and constant activity is bound to happen between two Rams.
Freedom: Another Aries will understand our need for privacy and independence because they need the same.

The cons:
Mirror, mirror on the wall: Success addicts, two Rams will always be competing against each other, which could be exhausting, right?
Flash romance? Two Rams are very prone to dive in way too soon.
Explosive fights: The fireworks between two Rams can easily become intense fights. When this happens, resolving them under the sheets could be our best bet!
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