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This sign is a match made in heaven for Aquarius...
Posted by Wade Waverly on March 4, 2016
You may be a bit shocked at what sign you’re destined to be with! Read on...

I’m a bit obsessed with sign compatibility, and I have read up on it a ton, in every source from women’s magazines to legitimately scientific studies to, of course, and other astrology websites. And it turns out that most soul mate-type, lasting, happy unions for us Water Bearers are, in fact, with other Aquarians!

But here’s one nuance to be aware of: often, one person in this fated match is not actually an Aquarius Sun Sign. Instead, Aquarius has a significant presence elsewhere in their chart, like their Rising or Moon sign, which can be just as influential on one’s personality and direction in life.

I want to know your experience with other Aquarian lovers... yay or nay? If you’re currently in a relationship (happy or not so happy), look more deeply at their chart. I bet you happily in love peeps both have Aquarius somewhere!

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