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These four things are zapping your energy, Libra...
Posted by Justin Scalia on February 19, 2016
1. That pastry you had for breakfast. If you really want to treat yourself, add some nutritious, real food like fruit, eggs, or milk. Otherwise your blood sugar will rise and fall too dramatically.
2. Your friend or colleague who always needs to talk. You’re not a shrink (or, if you are, you need others to pay you for too many therapy sessions!)... don’t let others treat you as such, or you will have the biggest problem.
3. Extreme climates. From a lack of sunshine to a freezing office, this can really mess with your inner biorhythms. Seek out a balance somehow, whether that’s a brighter lamp, a photo of the tropics, or a space heater.
4. Adhering to too many rules. Conformity is not for you, because all the “shoulds” imposed on you drain you like nothing else can. So, if you have a job where you feel like just a number or you’re in a relationship just because you think it’s what you need to do, you will feel tired and out of sorts. Break free!
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