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Pisces' secret turn-on starts way before the bedroom…
Posted by Dalia Fisher on January 29, 2016
Pisces is the last zodiac sign, but we are not left behind when it comes to having sex fetishes. Our erogenous zone is our feet. This doesn't mean that we are only turned-on by things being done to our own feet, our foot fetish extends to our partner's feet as well.

I've come up with a foot fetish sequence that will take Pisces to complete ecstasy.

1. Show up to your date with the hottest and very noticeable pair of heals or shoes (negligee socks optional).
2. While you're at dinner or sitting down, flirt with your feet by touching theirs softly.
3. Once you're in the bedroom, give them a foot massage (toe sucking is a must).
4. Have them do the same to you…
5. What happens next… is up to you both.
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