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Surprising things that turn Libras on...
Posted by Justin Scalia on January 26, 2016
Other signs think us Libras are easy to figure out because we are usually so down-to-earth and approachable. But there’s one area we definitely aren’t predictable – LOVE! Or should I say, the carnal side of that, aka lust and sex. Here are the things that tip the Scales wildly in a very sexy way...

1. Being dominated. We definitely like to be told what to do in the bedroom. Just gauge our comfort level – don’t get all fifty shades of scary on us.
2. Getting frisky outside of the bedroom. Take us by surprise – just no inappropriate PDA in front of people who might get offended!
3. Thoughtful sexting. We don’t just want dirty photos or flirty texts. We heat up in the best way if you text us to say how badly you can’t wait to see us, and what you want to do when that opportunity finally arises. A photo of the meal you’re preparing before, umm, dessert? I’d be a goner!
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